Hybridizers & Breeding Programs

New perennials are constantly being developed all around the world and brought to market by individual hybridizers, growers like us, and plant marketing companies.  In addition to the Hybridizers and Plant Development Team here at Walters Gardens, read about the people and companies behind the plants in this section of our website.


Arie Blom
Brent Horvath
Dan Heims
Darrel Apps
Darrell Probst
Dr. James Ault
Gary Trucks
Karol Emmerich
Kevin Hurd
Marco van Noort
Mildred Seaver
Pauline Banyai
Richard Saul
Ron Livingston
Roy & Mary Chastain
Terry Dowdeswell
Theirry Delabroye

Plant Marketing Companies:

Future Plants
Must Have Perennials™
New World Plants
Plant Haven® Inc.