Perennial Collection

The complete Proven Winners® Perennial Collection

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New Proven Winners® Perennials for 2023-2024

Another year and another exciting new group of introductions for Proven Winners perennials!

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Proven Winners®
Perennial Program Guide

View & download our latest Proven Winners® Perennial Program Guide

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Summerific® Week

Taking place during the first full week of August each year, Summerific®: Week celebrates one of the most iconic perennial collections: Summerific® Hibiscus

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National Perennial of the Year®

The Proven Winners National Plant of the Year program selects one of the most exceptional perennials in the collection to highlight each year, focusing on that variety in marketing and other promotional efforts.

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National Hosta of the Year®

The Hosta of the Year is a division of the National Plant of the Year program, highlighting on of the most popular genus from the Proven Winners Perennial brand.

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Proven Winners® Customer - Grower Agreement

This Agreement is made between Proven Winners North America LLC and you the Customer. This Agreement pertains to plant varieties shipped or delivered by Proven Winners to the Customer and/or listed on this agreement, regardless of whether the plant varieties are sold or provided as samples at no charge.

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The Proven Package

We strongly believe that Proven Winners® branded containers are essential to the success of the brand, ensuring better brand recognition and sell-through for our customers.

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EZ Scapes™ Landscape Recipe Program

This new program from Proven Winners Perennials is looking to help IGCs and homeowners bridge the gap on the basics of landscape design. EZ Scapes™ take recipes of 3-4 perennials and pair them based on similar growing conditions and creating continuous seasonal interest.

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Frost to Frost™ Program Guide

A little planning goes a long way. Build stunning endcaps by choosing ahead of time what perennials you will be featuring throughout the year. Sequencing a different set of perennials to show color in each of the four core seasons will ensure the high value areas of your garden center are always looking nice, and keep things fresh for returning visitors.

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Perennials with Native Roots

North America is resplendent with native plants, with more beauty occurring just down than street than most homeowners realize. Proven Winners® Perennials includes a broad selection of plants with native roots. These are plants that may be single species hybrids, or crosses of multiple species that do not naturally interact in nature.

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The Why and How to a Proven Winners® Destination

Creating a space devoted to Proven Winners shows the trust your business has in the brand. When customers see this trust, they respond by spending time in the destination and purchasing those products. So far, every retailer who has invested in a Proven Winners Destination in their store has seen growth in sales of Proven Winners plants and products.

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20 Proven Winners® Perennials for the Landscape