Current Offers & Specials

View a list of our annual programs below.

Our Volume Discount runs year round.  To view more about this, click here.

Annual Specials and Promotions

We run many specials and programs throughout the year.  To see what is coming up next, view the list below.  More details will be published around the time of the program.

Early Order Discount

Save 2% on your order of $4,000 or more when you place your order by October 1st.  This discount is taken in addition to your volume pricing discount but applies only to items ordered by the October 1st deadline.  Customers who take advantage of this program typically benefit from a larger selection of availability and a higher quality product, as we are able to plan months in advance for their orders.

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Early Summer Stock Up

Save up to 10% on 72ct plugs!  This program runs during the winter months for product that ships in early summer.

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Summer Selections

This is the kickoff to our new season!  The majority of our catalog items are offered for the first time in our Summer Selections. Save up to 10% on freshly grown and dug product.  Plants ship from July to October of the new season.

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Spring Surplus

Save up to 10% in our Spring Surplus sale! This is a great opportunity to find bargains and restock your greenhouse. Look for this sale to begin in May and run through the end of June each year (depending on availability).

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