Authorized Sales Organizations

Walters Gardens products are represented by a number of sales representatives and horticultural brokers across the US and Canada. Feel free to contact one of the following people to answer your questions or to place an order. Thank you for your interest in our products!

Independent Sales Representatives

Aaron, Brian

National Nursery Products
Indiana, Northern Illinois
TEL: (309)258-1630
FAX: (309)685-5801

Carroll, Ed

National Nursery Products General Manager
TEL: (888)225-8283
FAX: (502)243-4719

Connolly, Jennifer

Charter Oak Landscape & Nursery Sales
New England, Northeastern New York
TEL: (508)868-6252
FAX: (978)352-4198

Fisher, Karen

National Nursery Products
Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland
TEL: (540)732-0250
FAX: (540)739-7227

Malouche, Bill

National Nursery Products
Western Missouri, Kansas
TEL: (913)362-0503
FAX: (913)362-2569

Newell, Laura

Schweppe Supplies
Colorado, Eastern Montana, Utah, Wyoming
TEL: (307)388-0413
FAX: (307)363-5917

Roberts, Jayne

National Nursery Products
Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Manitoba
TEL: (612)822-4040
FAX: (612)822-4310

Ruppert, Bill

National Nursery Products
Central and Southern Illinois, Eastern Missouri
TEL: (314)966-0253
FAX: (314)966-1830

Thomann, Frank

Charter Oak Landscape & Nursery Sales
New England
TEL: (860)558-0929
FAX: (860)561-4130

Thomann, Jim

Charter Oak Landscape & Nursery Sales
New England
TEL: (508)728-2350
FAX: (508)746-7181

Wentworth, Dennis

National Nursery Products
Michigan, Ontario
TEL: (269)695-2386
FAX: (928)569-9262

Williams, Nancy

National Nursery Products
Ohio, Western New York, Western Pennsylvania
TEL: (440)479-2038
FAX: (440)425-0301



TEL: (800)525-1379
FAX: (214)341-7873

Ball Horticultural Company

TEL: (800)879-BALL
FAX: (630)231-3605

Ball Horticultural - Canada

TEL: (905)696-9005
FAX: (905)696-8139 

Eason Hort Resources, Inc.

TEL: (800)214-2221
FAX: (859)578-2266

Florasource, Ltd.

TEL: (941)498-1131

Germania Seed Company

TEL: (800)380-4721
FAX: (800)410-4721


TEL: (800)323-7253 or (630)453-6300
FAX: (630)969-6373

Henry F. Michell Co.

TEL: (800)422-4678

Holtex Enterprises

TEL: (215)536-9327
FAX: (215)536-9557


TEL: (905)641-5599
FAX: (905)684-6260


TEL: (800)943-2230
FAX: (866)234-8884

Mid Atlantic Plant Company

TEL: (302)366-0349
FAX: (302)368-1599

Park Seed Wholesale

TEL: (800)845-3366
FAX: (864)941-4501

Raymond Perri Company

TEL: (845)744-6801
FAX: (845)744-8473

Vandenberg Horticulture

TEL: (800)955-3813
FAX: (517)546-3429

Vaughan's Horticulture

TEL: (855) 864-3300
FAX: (855)864-5790