About Us

The Walters Gardens, Inc. story began in 1946 when Dennis Walters and his new bride, Harriet, took over the family perennial business from Dena Knoll, Harriet's mother. With the help of his four brothers, Dennis expanded the company to include bare root, potted, and packaged perennials, and built one of the industry's first tissue culture labs at Walters Gardens, Inc. in the mid 1970s.

Today, the company is run by the second and third generations of Walters aided by numerous other family members and dedicated employees including plant health experts, skilled horticulturists, capable customer care and marketing staff, and a pool of sales representatives and brokers nationwide. Our company has grown from a small farm of less than five acres worked by just a few men to a multimillion dollar corporation with over 250 employees, 1,500 acres of land, and 500,000 square feet of greenhouse space. Over 19 million perennial liners are shipped annually to independent garden centers, wholesale growers, landscapers, and municipalities across the US and Canada. Each year, approximately 100 new items are added to our catalog of over 1,000 bare root and plug perennial liners.

To help our customers be successful,we have partnered with the nation's #1 plant brand, Proven Winners®, to bring you our top perennial genetics in the Proven Package. Using the best perennial genetics and the powerful consumer marketing machine that is Proven Winners, we're helping you to get top notch plants into the hands of today's consumers.

Walters Gardens, Inc. is making tremendous progress in modernizing growing technologies, testing for viruses to ensure clean product, hybridizing new varieties, and expanding our marketing program. We understand the tremendous importance of offering superior product value, reliable service, and marketing tools for our customers. In the past decade, Walters Gardens, Inc. has also made great strides towards sustainable perennial production. For example, energy saving curtains are used in our greenhouses, liners are grown in biodegradable Elle Plugs, and a quarter million pounds of paper, plastic, and metal are recycled annually. 

Walters Gardens has been North America's leading wholesale grower of perennials since 1946. Here's why:

Superior Quality Products.

  • Walters Gardens, Inc. has built its reputation on offering the highest quality perennial liners available today. Our bare root divisions are some of the largest you'll find in the industry and our earth friendly Elle Plugs finish easily for quick turnaround.

Extensive Selection.

  • Choose from over 1,000 varieties of daylilies, hostas, groundcovers, vines, and much more in a wide variety of bare root and plug sizes. Whether you're interested in Proven Winners┬« Perennials or in non-branded varieties, we've got you covered.

The Best New Introductions from Our Hybridizing Program and Around the World.

  • Over 100 new varieties of perennials developed by our own team of hybridizers at Walters Gardens, Inc. and breeding programs worldwide are added to our catalog each year. Walters Gardens, Inc. is often the first company to offer new varieties from prestigious hybridizers and we've become known for our own top quality perennial genetics. You'll find only the best at Walters Gardens, Inc.

Helpful, Customer-Focused Staff.

Extensive Marketing Support.

  • We understand that in today's market, having a great product to offer is just one piece of the puzzle. We also offer our customers a broad spectrum of marketing tools to help increase sell-through.

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