New Plant Development

Our customers look to us for our exceptional genetics which have proven themselves over the years, from our distinctive hostas to our fabulous hardy Hibiscus and many others. The top exclusive genetics from our own hybridizing program and hybridizers worldwide are trialed and selected for the Proven Winners® line.

Hans Hansen
Director of New Plant Development

Hans has been the Director of New Plant Development at our company for over a decade and the driving force behind our numerous plant introductions. Under Hans’ guidance, our New Plant Development department now works with over 80 genera of plants (more than just perennials!) and is even pioneering new genera like Mangave. From the truly unique to improvements in durability, Hans is always working on something new to benefit growers, retailers, consumers, and satisfy even the most eclectic.

To see the latest plants that have caught Hans' eye, head to Instagram and follow @plantsplantsen

Trialed Every Step of the Way

Plants in selection first undergo Landscape Trials where they are evaluated against similar new plant selections and industry standards. Varieties that excel in this category are then moved to Container Trials for further evaluation and on to Production Trials. At each stage we are looking for plants that distinguish themselves against other offerings and will benefit our customers and end consumers.

Goal Oriented Approach

In addition to the expectation of better landscape and production performance, each breeding project is approached with genus specific goals. By honing specific characteristics through multiple generations of breeding, we are able to find new and unique introductions that improve upon market standards.

Over 80 Active Projects

Each year our New Plant Development department works on projects involving more than 80 plant genera. From these projects we will make and evaluate more than 35,000 unique crosses each year. While many seedlings are quickly eliminated at the onset, thousands make their way to landscape trials.

In addition to our internal hybridizing efforts, New Plant Development also evaluates cultivars and species submitted by outside sources for consideration.

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