Trouble Signing In?

In November of 2016 we launched our new website.  We were able to make numerous improvements to our customer services, including online ordering, live availability, and improved image downloading.  However, there were significant changes as well.  Due to advances in security and internet user practices, we were unable to move over web user information from our previous websites.  If you previously had an online account with us, you will need to register with the new website.

Please note, if you are an existing customer, that we have not forgotten you or your account information.  We have simply restructured how our website connects to our internal records.

Common Issues Signing In

My Sign In and Password Are Not Working

There are a few reasons your sign in and password do not work:

  • If you received a log in and password prior to the launch of our new website in November of 2016, your account information will no longer work.  We were unable to migrate user information between websites due to advances in best internet practices.  You can register here for an account with our new website.
  • If you have just recently registered, your account information may not yet be activated.  You will receive an email to verify your email address and (once verified) a second email will be sent to notify you your account has been activated.  Because we manually activate each account, it may take a few business days.
  • If you enter the wrong password 7 consecutive times your account will be frozen. In order to unfreeze your account, please email and we will help you unlock your account.
  • On rare occasion we may freeze your account if you have an outstanding or unpaid balance from previous orders.

I Can't Remember My Company Sign In

  • Your sign in is your email address.  We have done away with unique ID's so that your sign in information is easier to remember.
  • We have also done away with the 'one web account per company' policy.  Because sign in is specific to an email address, you can register as many people from your company as need our services.  

I Can't Remember what Email Address is my User Name

  • If you can't remember which email you used as your user name, you can contact us here and we would be happy to look up your account information.

I Can't Remember My Password

  • You can easily reset your password by clicking the 'I forgot my password' link on the Sign In window.
  • We do not know your password and cannot reset it for you, but would be happy to walk you through it. You can contact us here for any account issues.
  • Remember, your password must be longer than 8 characters and include both a number and special character.  Example: perennialsare#1

What is Email Verification?

  • When you first register with us we will send you a verification email.  It is important that you have a valid email in order to have an online account with us.  If you do not respond to the verification email, we cannot review your registration and activate your account.

I Did Not Receive a Verification Email

  • The verification email will go to whichever email you registered with.  Because not all email service providers sort mail in the same way, you may have to look in your sub folders to find our email, including your SPAM folder.