Breeder Profile: Thierry Delabroye

Thierry Delabroye with his H. villosa Hybrids

If you've tried the Heuchera villosa hybrids like 'Caramel' or 'Citronelle', you are familiar with the hybridizing work of Thierry (pronounced "Cherry") Delabroye of France.  He is the man behind two of the H. villosa hybrids currently offered by Walters Gardens, Inc. Thierry has made amazing strides in the genus Heuchera.  There is a wide range of foliage color, leaf size, and overall plant size, though all of his villosa hybrids share an increased tolerance of high heat and humidity, and a full, robust habit. 

The first member of Thierry's H. villosa collection was 'Caramel', the only yellow-leafed seedling to come from H. villosa 'Autumn Bride'.  Since that time, he has made a number of other crosses which have resulted in fantastic hybrids with amazing color breakthroughs.  Still, 'Caramel' remains Thierry's favorite introduction and Luc KIinkhamer continues to describe it as "the best perennial introduction to come out of France".  It certainly has paved the way for an array of new colors in the genus. 

Thierry credits his wife, Sandrine, for her tremendous support in running their family business and for spotting the yellow-leafed seedling that became 'Caramel'.

Notable Heuchera Introductions from Thierry Delabroye Include:

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