Must Have Perennials™

(Blooms of Bressingham Ltd)


Over the past decade perennials have captured the imagination of the North American gardener. This gardening tradition, revived by evolving lifestyles and perpetuated by increased awareness of our surrounding environment, has found new life with the introduction of proprietary varieties from one of England's most distinguished nurseries. Blooms of Bressingham Ltd. has long been recognized as a leader in identifying and selecting the finest of herbaceous perennials and alpines. Gardeners have read Alan and Adrian Bloom's books and their gardens (The Dell and Foggy Bottom) have been popular destinations for gardeners touring the English countryside. Through Adrian Bloom's frequent visits and lectures, plants for the gardens at Bressingham (northeast of London) have increasingly found their way to our shores and into the gardens of North America.

Blooms of Bressingham North America was founded by Yoder Brothers Inc. and Gary Doerr of Peppergrove Nursery to build upon the foundation of this loyal following and offer a perpetual supply of distinctive varieties. The new company is developing test sites for new varieties and regional display gardens, in addition to creating a network of leading propagators, growers and retailers to make these new Blooms varieties available throughout North America.

As a regular traveler and lecturer in North America over the past decade or so, Adrian Bloom has been personally responsible for promoting and introducing many of Blooms perennials and shrubs to our continent.

Other varieties widely grown in our market and selected by Alan Bloom, include Crocosmia 'Lucifer', Achillea 'Moonshine', and Astilbe 'Sprite', the latter chosen as Perennial Plant of the Year for 1994 by the Perennial Plant Association.

The Blooms of Bressingham North America network provides a unique opportunity for gardeners with breeders, propagators, growers and retailers all working together to meet the demand for new and interesting perennials.


In 2016 Blooms of Bressingham rebranded as Must Have Perennials™, launching two new websites for industry connections and to support consumers. Blooms of Bressingham continues to operate as they always have, with the utmost devotion to bringing new and exciting perennials to market both domestically and abroad.

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