Breeder Profile: Arie Blom

Arie Blom

Arie Blom

Double pom-pom Echinaceas like those in the CONE-FECTIONS™ series have become some of the most sought-after varieties in recent years thanks to the unique breeding work of Arie Blom. 

Dutchman Arie Blom completed his graduate work in plant breeding at the University of Florida and went on to work in California.  Having lived in and travelled the US, he understands our variable climate. This has helped him to develop new varieties with which we can all be successful. 

Blom also brings us the Butterfly Series of outstanding singles.

Notable Echinaceas from Arie Blom Include:

Echinacea p. 'Butterfly Kisses' PP24458 - CONE-FECTIONS™ Series

Echinacea 'Hot Papaya' PP21022 - CONE-FECTIONS™ Series

Echinacea 'Cleopatra' PP24631 - Butterfly Series

Echinacea 'Julia' PP24629 - Butterfly Series

Echinacea 'Purple Emperor' PP24459 - Butterfly Series

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