Breeder Profile: Gary Trucks

Gary Trucks with his hybrid Sedum 'Maestro'

Like many hybridizers, you may know his plants better than his name.  Panicum v. 'Cheyenne Sky' PP23209, and Sedum 'Maestro' PP20094 are just a few of the prized introductions from Gary Trucks of Amber Wave Gardens near Benton Harbor, MI.  Walters Gardens, Inc. has offered many introductions from Gary through the years, with more in the production pipeline for future introduction.

Gary got his start as a landscaper in South Bend, IN and taught himself how to make plant crosses during that time.  That led to the opening of a small retail nursery, Amber Wave Gardens.  This destination nursery sells mature grass clumps to a niche retail market where customers can get instant gratification with their purchase.  Customers have been known to drive from several hours away to buy grasses directly from Amber Wave Gardens.  Gary personally hand digs and burlaps customer's orders.  

Seedlings and sports are often planted in the same area where his retail customers shop and it is his customer's comments that give him indication for which plants will be "winners." It is not uncommon for customers to be upset with Gary because he will not sell them one of his hot new seedlings that is still in the evaluation stage.

In his breeding work, Gary focuses on finding exciting new characteristics that set a plant apart from the norm. Plants must not only be unique; they must also measure up to his expectations in the garden. A pretty new grass that flops with rain or wind will not make the cut at Amber Wave Gardens.

Gary is a true outdoorsman. When he is not hybridizing or in the garden, he is usually hunting or ice fishing.

Notable Perennials from Gary Trucks Include:

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