Schizachyrium scoparium 'Blue Paradise' PP28145 CPBR5650


Common Name: Little Bluestem, Ornamental Grass

This ornamental grass is a result of an extensive Schizachyrium breeding program from Walters Gardens and is the perfect option for those looking to add to their native or prairie garden.

The habit is very upright and columnar, and maintains its upright habit through fall. At 3½' tall, this grass will be the perfect backdrop to your garden. True to its name, ‘Blue Paradise’ has striking silvery blue stems in summer. In the fall, this grass takes center stage as the leaves develop a deep wine purple color. Tiny tan seed heads appear on the top half of the stems in early fall.

Schizachyrium is a great choice if you are looking to restore an eroded site, or for a plant that will grow in hot, dry areas where other plants have a hard time surviving.

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