Veronica 'White Wands' PP27632 CPBR5822

MAGIC SHOW® Collection

Common Name: Spike Speedwell

This variety is the perfect height to plant behind your low-growing perennials, but in front of your shrubs, and will bloom from midsummer into late summer. The excellent rebloom of this plant keeps it in color long after other Veronica have stopped; one of the longest blooming varieties available. 'White Wands' does not require vernalization to bloom, but benefits from it.

Honeybees, hummingbirds, and butterflies delight in their sweet nectar. The dark green, glossy linear leaves display better disease resistance than older Veronica.

Veronica is highly valued for its ease of growth and long bloom time. The spiky flowers are an excellent contrast to the more common rounded flower shapes like Shasta Daisies, Coneflower, and Black Eyed Susans. Expect bees to be buzzing about this plant when in bloom.

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