Upcoming Proven Winners® Perennials for 2023-2024

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    New at Retail in 2024

    New at Retail in 2024

    These perennials will be widely available in 2024, but might be found as early release items or in industry production in 2023. The class of 2024 includes 2 new genera for the program and 15 new varieties.

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    'Silver Lining' Artemisia

    Artemisia, White Sagebrush

    Height: 12-16” | Spread: 32-36" | Scape: 36" | Zones: 4-9 | Full Sun

    A hybrid of native North American species including Artemisia ludoviciana. 'Silver Lining' finds the best in its parentage as a spectacular, durable foliage perennial. Broadly dissected silver leaves are showy from spring to fall. The mounded, low wide habit maintains perfect form all season and resists opening up.

    Compared to the annualized types of Artemisia, 'Silver Lining' is truly perennial and will have exceptional performance year after year. Unlike A. ludoviciana, 'Silver Lining' will not take over your landscape as it does not spread by underground runners.

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    DECADENCE® Deluxe 'Periwinkle Popsicle' Baptisia

    False Indigo

    Height: 4-4½' | Spread: 3½' | Zones: 4-9 | Full to Part Sun

    This upright dark blue Baptisia is perfect for filling space in the landscape. The habit is taller than it is wide, with an elegant vase shape perfect for underplanting. 'Periwinkle Popsicle' is later to flower than most Baptisia, not showing color until most other varieties are finishing bloom. Compared with the light blue DECADENCE® DELUXE 'Blue Bubbly', 'Periwinkle Popsicle' blooms a dark shade of blue. Compared with the light blue DECADENCE® DELUXE 'Blue Bubbly', 'Periwinkle Popsicle' blooms a dark shade of blue.

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    'Peppermint Patty' Bergenia

    Heartleaf Bergenia, Pigsqueak

    Height: 22" | Spread: 16-18" | Zones: 4-9 | Full Sun to Full Shade

    A very unique look for Bergenia. White flowers have a pink throat with color radiating down each petal. The petals are then edged with a matching thin pink picotee margin. Individual flowers are above average in size at 1¼” wide. By the flowers, stems are bright rose pink before transitioning to green near the base. Wavy, serrated leaves are extra thick with prickly toothed edges.

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    'Stand By Me Pink' Clematis

    Bush Clematis

    Height: 38-42" | Spread: 24-26" | Zones: 3-7 | Full to Part Sun

    The latest companion to 'Stand By Me' Bush Clematis; varying from the original with pink flowers instead of blue. Compared with traditional vining clematis, 'Stand By Me Pink' is completely herbaceous and will restart from the ground each year. Flowers will appear profusely beginning in late spring, peaking in early summer, and continuing to show color until fall. Attractive cream thread-like seed heads follow. Broad, green foliage. This plant benefits from staking, cages, or neighboring plants for support.

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    CROWNING GLORY™ 'Princess Bride' Eucomis

    Pineapple Lily

    Height: 18" | Spread: 24" | Zones: 6-9 | Full to Part Sun

    A Pineapple Lily of intermediate size, this plant is perfect for use in mixed perennial borders or as a thriller in containers. 'Princess Bride' delights with numerous stalks of pink and cream flowers. The first color to show is a citron yellow, before turning a soft pink and yellow blend. Acute leaves top the stems, reminiscent of a pineapple. The habit is prostrate, comprised of arching leaves that emerge burgundy before turning a deep green in summer.

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    CROWNING GLORY™ 'Purple Reign' Eucomis

    Pineapple Lily

    Height: 18-20" | Spread: 24" | Zones: 6-9 | Full to Part Sun

    A Pineapple Lily of intermediate size, this plant is perfect for use in mixed perennial borders or as a thriller in containers. 'Purple Reign' gets its name from the deep burgundy color of its spring foliage. The foliage holds its dark color well into summer when the flowers begin to come up. Star-shaped flowers open blush pink and darken to a deep mauve, lasting for many weeks. Acute leaves top the stems, reminiscent of a pineapple. Try this plant as a cut flower.

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    RAINBOW RHYTHM® 'Blazing Glory' Hemerocallis


    Height: 32" | Spread: 18-24" | Zones: 3-9 | Full to Part Sun

    'Blazing Glory' has 6” golden yellow flowers with a bold burgundy red eye and matching picotee edge. Where traditional cultivars have picotee edges that bleed or fade, 'Blazing Glory' remains consistent with a wide margin that extends the length of the petal. Compared to 'King of the Ages' the flowers are ½" smaller, more golden yellow in color, and have a more pronounced eye and picotee edge; the plant is also about 6” shorter. Well-branched scapes and high bud count will ensure a blazing display of color.

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    RAINBOW RHYTHM® 'Blood, Sweat and Tears' Hemerocallis


    Height: 28" | Spread: 18-24" | Zones: 3-9 | Full to Part Sun

    'Blood, Sweat and Tears' is aptly named to reference the years of hard work by renowned breeder Karol Emmerich to find a truly exceptional red daylily. Massive 6” raspberry red flowers are complemented by a wide rosy pink eye that leads to a yellow throat. A thin white margin edges each petal. Flowers are held on proportionate scapes, just above the foliage. There are no hardiness concerns with this red daylily as it was bred and selected in Minnesota.

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    RAINBOW RHYTHM® 'Persian Ruby' Hemerocallis


    Height: 30" | Spread: 18-24" | Bloom Size: 7.75” | Zones: 3-9 | Full to Part Sun

    An easily recognizable daylily that's a must-have for your garden! Deep purplish red, spoon-shaped flowers are massive—nearly 8” across. The large green throat is a nice contrast to the dark petals. Compared to the popular 'Ruby Spider', flowers are more purple in color. 'Persian Ruby' demands attention when it explodes with flowers in midsummer thanks to its high bud count.

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    FUN AND GAMES® 'Capture the Flag' Heucherella

    Foamy Bells

    Height: 8-10" | Spread: 20-22" | Scape: 16-18" | Bloom Size: 7.75” | Zones: 4-9 | Part to Full Shade

    A Heucherella set to capture your attention! This large-leaved variety has deeply lobed chartreuse leaves with dramatic burgundy red centers. In late spring clouds of white flowers appear on light colored stems above the foliage. Compared with 'Eye Spy' the flowers are white instead of pink and the centers of the leaves are more red. Try this semi-evergreen perennial to brighten up the shade. 'Capture the Flag' will put up new leaves early in the season and hold foliage interest through the fall, with winter color showing in warmer zones without snow cover.

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    SUMMERIFIC® 'All Eyes on Me' Hibiscus

    Rose Mallow, Hardy Hibiscus

    Height: 3½' | Spread: 3½' | Zones: 4-9 | Full to Part Sun

    One of our most compact Hardy Hibiscus to date! Despite its scaled down size, 'All Eyes on Me' keeps the trademark massive 8" blooms the plant has become known for. The blushing pink blooms appear from the top to the bottom of a well-rounded habit of dark green leaves. Heavily overlapping petals give the impression the flowers are semi-double, particularly as each bud unfurls.

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    SHADOWLAND® 'Love Story' Hosta

    Height: 14-16" | Spread: 36-42" | Scape: 22-31" | Zones: 3-9 | Part to Full Shade

    This Hosta will be a part of your garden “love story.” Long heart-shaped leaves have medium green margins with chartreuse jetting that bleeds into creamy white centers. The medio-variegation extends from leaf tip to the petiole, flaring at the base of the leaf. A gentle piecrust wave edges each leaf. Tall scapes hold large clusters of tubular white flowers in early summer, creating a Hosta that can be enjoyed for its foliage and flowers.

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    LUMINARY™ 'Prismatic Pink' Phlox paniculata

    Tall Garden Phlox

    Height: 32-34" | Spread: 24-28" | Zones: 3-8 | Full to Part Sun

    Tall Garden Phlox are a favorite in the garden, but often are plagued by powdery mildew in hot, humid conditions. These varieties are selected especially for their improved resistance over typical Phlox paniculata varieties. With beautiful colors and incredible performance, these are varieties to plant and watch them grow, with little work required.

    'Prismatic Pink' has large, well-formed panicles of bubblegum pink flowers with dark pink eyes. This variety matches the height of the rest of the collection; perfect for the middle of the border.

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    PRAIRIE WINDS® 'Brush Strokes' Schizachyrium scoparium

    Little Bluestem

    Height: 32-36" | Spread: 22-26" | Zones: 3-9 | Full Sun

    Like bristles on a paint brush the stems of 'Brush Strokes' stand vertical, bend gracefully with the wind, then return to their upright position. Powder blue stems take after their namesake before turning wine-red in early fall. Use this native perennial grass for its fine texture in summer then leave it standing in fall for winter interest.

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    ROCK 'N GROW® 'Midnight Velvet' Sedum


    Height: 22-26" | Spread: 30-32" | Zones: 3-9 | Full Sun

    A tall Sedum in line with the rest of the ROCK ‘N GROW® Collection, 'Midnight Velvet' adds a new foliage and flower color combination. Rich, dark purple leaves comprise the domed habit, adding garden interest from the moment they appear in spring. Beginning in late summer clusters of mauve buds cover the habit, before bursting open with rose red flowers. After bloom seedheads appear a dark red color. Leave seedheads standing for seasonal interest and as a food source for birds in winter. UV light is required to see true foliage color; leaves will be more green in too much shade.

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