New Proven Winners® Perennials for 2020

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    New at Retail in 2020...

    New at Retail in 2020...

    Another year and another exciting new group of introductions for Proven Winners perennials. The class of 2019-2020 includes some exciting additions of groundcover Sedum and new options for shade perennials. Preview every new perennial below to get acquainted with these upcoming beauties!

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    'Firefly Amethyst' Achillea

    Height: 18-22" | Spread: 32-36" | Exposure: Full Sun | Zones: 3-8

    The shortest member of the new Firefly collection. This pink flowering variety is made up of finely textured foliage and sturdy stems. 'Firefly Amethyst' varies from the standard A. millefolium types with a billowy habit and broader foliage.

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    'Firefly Diamond' Achillea

    Height: 24-28" | Spread: 32-40" | Exposure: Full Sun | Zones: 3-8

    A moderately sized member of the Achillea Firefly collection. This variety has long lasting ivory white flowers that turn color slowly as they age for prolonged color. Upright, columnar habit.

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    'Firefly Peach Sky' Achillea

    Height: 32-36" | Spread: 28-32" | Exposure: Full Sun | Zones: 3-8

    A tall, columnar variety. Light peachy orange flowers age to yellow with both colors blending together at times. Among the very best for extending end of season color.

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    'Firefly Sunshine' Achillea

    Height: 28-30" | Spread: 24-28" | Exposure: Full Sun | Zones: 3-8

    Bright yellow flowers hold their color longer than most. Upright habit holds its form through the end of the season.

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    'Serendipity' Allium

    Height: 15-20" | Spread: 10-15" | Exposure: Full to Part Sun | Zones: 4-8

    A sport of the 2018 Perennial Plant of the Year, 'Millenium'. 'Serendipity' keeps all the beloved qualities of its parent but adds glaucous blue foliage. Enjoy a profusion of globe-like flowers in mid to late summer.

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    'Crested Surf' Athyrium niponicum

    Height: 20-22" | Spread: 28-30" | Exposure: Part to Full Shade | Zones: 3-8

    The first fern for Proven Winners perennials and an excellent choice for shade gardens everywhere. 'Crested Surf' is similarly colored to traditional Japanese Painted Ferns but has unique double crests at the tip of each frond. Although highly ornamental, this variety has excellent vigor for the genus.

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    'Jack of Diamonds' Brunnera macrophylla

    Height: 14-16" | Spread: 28-32" | Scape Height: 30" | Exposure: Part to Full Shade | Zones: 3-8

    Uncommonly large 9-10" leaves overlap at the base for a unique "escargot" effect. Leaves have a silver overlay with wide dark green veining.

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    'Queen of Hearts' Brunnera macrophylla

    Height: 16-18" | Spread: 28-36" | Scape Height: 30" | Exposure: Part to Full Shade | Zones: 3-8

    Massive heart shaped leaves have a pronounced silver overlay. Compared with 'Jack of Diamonds', 'Queen of Hearts' has narrower veining.

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    'Pink Diamonds' Dicentra

    Height: 12-16" | Spread: 16-18" | Exposure: Full to Part Sun | Zones: 3-9

    An alpine type bleeding heart that should not be confused with your traditional bleeding heart! This is a full sun plant and will not survive in shade or overly wet conditions. 'Pink Diamonds' will bloom longer than traditional varieties, beginning in late spring and producing flowers until early fall.

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    COLOR CODED™ 'Orange You Awesome' Echinacea

    Height: 18-22" | Spread: 16-20" | Exposure: Full to Part Sun | Zones: 4-9

    One of two new Echinacea for Proven Winners, 'Orange You Awesome' is produced from tissue culture and will have the uniform color and habit not typical of seed strains. Members of this new collection have excellent basal branching, large flower size, and horizontally held petals. Earlier to bloom than it's counterpart 'Yellow My Darling'.

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    COLOR CODED™ 'Yellow My Darling' Echinacea

    Height: 18-24" | Spread: 16-20" | Exposure: Full to Part Sun | Zones: 4-8

    The other of the two new Echinacea. 'Yellow My Darling' shares all of the exceptional characteristics of 'Orange You Awesome', though it is slightly taller. Flowers age from rich to creamy yellow for a long period of color.

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    RAINBOW RHYTHM® 'Sound of My Heart' Hemerocallis

    Height: 28" | Spread: 18-24" | Exposure: Full to Part Sun | Zones: 3-9

    A new reblooming Daylily from our very own Chris Meyer (of 'Going Bananas' and 'Orange Smoothie' fame). 'Sound of My Heart' has nicely sized 5" flowers for a reblooming variety. Expect the flowering to be at its most sensational in early summer and continue through early fall.

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    SUMMERIFIC® 'Candy Crush' Hibiscus

    Height: 4-4½' | Spread: 4-4½' | Exposure: Full to Part Sun | Zones: 4-9

    An upright, columnar Hibiscus similar to the popular 'Cranberry Crush' except with vivid bubblegum pink flowers.

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    SUMMERIFIC® 'Evening Rose' Hibiscus

    Height: 4' | Spread: 4½-5' | Exposure: Full to Part Sun | Zones: 4-9

    An enthralling combination of dark foliage and hot pink flowers. Massive 8" blooms are uniquely puckered. Compared to 'Berry Awesome', 'Evening Rose' has darker foliage and the flower color is more magenta than lavender pink.

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    'Opening Act Pink-a-Dot' Hybrid Phlox

    Height: 22-26" | Spread: 30-36" | Exposure Full Sun | Zones: 4-8

    A new member of the Opening Act series, 'Opening Act Pink-a-Dot' matches the early blooming, disease resistance, and reblooming characteristics the series is known for. One of the very best Phlox for a long season of bloom!

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    'Opening Act Ultrapink' Hybrid Phlox

    Height: 22-28" | Spread: 32-36" | Exposure: Full Sun | Zones: 4-8

    The second of two new Opening Act varieties this year and every bit the perfect fit for the series. Compared with 'Opening Act Blush', 'Opening Act Ultrapink' has much darker, more intense flowers. When in full bloom, this variety is impossible to miss!

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    'White Profusion' Salvia nemorosa

    Height: 16-20" | Spread: 16-20" | Exposure: Full Sun | Zones: 3-8

    The fourth and newest member of our Profusion series. 'White Profusion' blooms pure white and reblooms with the best of them. Flower stems are self cleaning and will keep the plant looking nice for a long period of time each summer.

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    ROCK 'N LOW™ 'Boogie Woogie' Sedum

    Height: 6-8" | Spread: 16-18" | Exposure: Full Sun | Zones: 3-9

    The first variegated Sedum for Proven Winners. The low, groundcover type blooms earlier than most with yellow flowers appearing in early summer. For the rest of the year this plant stands out with its variegation. A great option for container gardens or hot, sunny spaces.

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    ROCK 'N ROUND™ 'Pride and Joy' Sedum

    Height: 10-12" | Spread: 16-20" | Exposure: Full Sun | Zones: 3-9

    'Pure Joy' has become a garden staple for the late summer/early fall garden. Now joining the light pink 'Pure Joy' and the white-flowering sport 'Bundle of Joy' comes the dark pink 'Pride and Joy'. This sport of 'Pure Joy' shares the same impeccable habit, serrated leaves, and bloom time as its parent, but with darker leaves and darker pink flowers.

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    ROCK 'N LOW™ 'Yellow Brick Road' Sedum

    Height: 6-8" | Spread: 22-24" | Exposure: Full Sun | Zones 3-9

    Looking for a beautiful groundcover? 'Yellow Brick Road' is your answer! This perennial will cover its dark green leaves and red stems with fine-textured yellow flowers mid to late summer. This variety blooms a few weeks later than the standard summer flowering Stonecrop (Sedum kamtschaticum or Russian Stonecrop), bridging the gap between summer and fall flowering groundcover Sedum.

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    MAGIC SHOW® 'Purple Illusion' Veronica

    Height: 16-18" | Spread: 16-18" | Exposure: Full to Part Sun | Zones: 4-8

    'Purple Illusion' matches the habit and flower size of 'Wizard of Ahhs', but with thick, rosy purple flowers. Dark green leaves form a thick foliar canopy, so the plant has substance even after it has finished blooming.

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