Sedum 'Yellow Brick Road' PP32158 CPBRAF

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Common Name: Stonecrop

Looking for a beautiful groundcover? 'Yellow Brick Road' is your answer! This perennial will cover its dark green leaves and red stems with fine-textured yellow flowers mid to late summer. This forms an impeccable habit with little to no lodging, a problem that plagues many Sedum. This variety blooms a few weeks later than the standard summer flowering Stonecrop Sedum kamtschaticum (Russian Stonecrop), bridging the gap between summer and fall flowering groundcover Sedum.

Low, spreading sedums form a solid mat of foliage which is excellent for covering slopes or can be planted as a groundcover in sunny, dry areas. They are extremely drought tolerant and many are evergreen. These are terrific low-maintenance plants that always look their best.

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