Eucomis 'Princess Bride' PPAF


Common Name: Pineapple Lily

No matter which way you slice it, this new collection of Pineapple Lilies from Proven Winners is going to stand out in your garden. The rigidly upright flower spikes offer a unique tropical flair, showing passing resemblance to a pineapple while in bloom. Members of this collection are notably compact, perfect for the front of the border or for use as a thriller in a mixed container. Expect to wait a few weeks to see these plants in spring, Pineapple Lilies (like Hardy Hibiscus) are among the last perennials to wake from their winter sleep. Eucomis grow from a bulb and need to be planted deep like a hardy Lilium (Tiger Lily) so that the flower stalk grows upright and to ensure winter hardiness.

A Pineapple Lily of intermediate size, this plant is perfect for use in mixed perennial borders or as a thriller in containers. 'Princess Bride' delights with numerous stalks of pink and cream flowers. The first color to show is a citron yellow, before turning a soft pink and yellow blend. Acute leaves top the stems, reminiscent of a pineapple. The habit is prostrate, comprised of arching leaves that emerge burgundy before turning a deep green in summer.

Eucomis are a tropical looking perennial native of South Africa. They are nicknamed "Pineapple Lily" for their tall inflorescence and spiky tops that look like the tropical fruit. Excellent as a perennial thriller in containers or the landscape. These plants can be tender and winter protection is recommended when growing in colder zones.

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