Summerific® Hardy Hibiscus

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    Why all the love for Summerific® Hibiscus?

    They are one of the most iconic landscape perennials with massive 8" wide flowers and head turning displays while in bloom. Not only are the flowers easy on the eye, but they are easy in the landscape as well. All these varieties need for success is a good supply of sun and water to achieve an impressive growth rate of an inch a day.

    Beyond their inherent beauty, North American gardeners can feel assured knowing they are planting a native perennial. Members of the Summerific® collection are all hybrids that can be traced back primarily to the species Hibiscus moscheutos. This species can be found growing naturally in wetlands and along riverbanks throughout the Midwest and East Coast, extending down even into Texas and Florida.

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    SUMMERIFIC® 'Ballet Slippers' Hibiscus

    Huge 7” wide, ruffled flowers are white with a deep red eye. Blush pink color appears on the edges of the petals, creating a pinwheel effect. Attractive, bright green leaves form a polished, upright habit with an extremely high bud count.

    Height: 4' | Width: 4½-5'

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    SUMMERIFIC® 'Berry Awesome' Hibiscus

    This stunning variety has a densely compact habit of deeply lobed, maple-like leaves, a vast improvement on older varieties. Its dark, midnight olive green foliage complements the lavender-pink flowers for a showy display in late summer. Huge 7-8” ruffled flowers have a red eye.

    Height: 4' | Width: 4½-5'

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    SUMMERIFIC® 'Candy Crush' Hibiscus

    This hardy Hibiscus shares the traits that made ‘Cranberry Crush' popular: upright, columnar habit, fantastic garden presence, and excellent flower coverage. 8”, bright bubblegum pink flowers have a near-black, dark red eye and are produced all over its habit of rich, bright green leaves.

    Height: 4-4½' | Width: 4-4½'

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    SUMMERIFIC® 'Cherry Choco Latte' Hibiscus

    Very large, 8-9” flowers are white with intense deep pink veining and a notable large red eye. Attractive dark olive green foliage has bronze highlights. Replaces ‘Cherry Cheesecake' with larger flowers and improved flower form, more pronounced veining on the petals, darker foliage, and an improved, compact habit.

    Height: 4' | Width: 4'

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    SUMMERIFIC® 'Cranberry Crush' Hibiscus

    Naturally forms a short, compact, fully rounded clump. Near-black buds open to glossy, deep scarlet red, 7-8” flowers at each node up the stems for several months. Deep green, leathery, maple-like leaves with purple overtones.

    Height: 4' | Width: 4-5'

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    SUMMERIFIC® 'Evening Rose' Hibiscus

    8” hot-pink puckered flowers cover the round, dense habit of near-black foliage. Compared to ‘Berry Awesome', the foliage is much darker and the flower color is more magenta than lavender.

    Height: 4' | Width: 4½-5'

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    SUMMERIFIC® 'French Vanilla' Hibiscus

    A new color for the collection and a breakthrough for yellow Hardy Hibiscus. Soft yellow flower buds open to 7-8” creamy custard yellow, ruffled flowers with a prominent red eye. Flowers are more yellow in cooler conditions and whiter in hotter conditions. Compared to the industry standard ‘Old Yella', this Hibiscus retains its yellow color longer, has a more compact habit, has red stems and deeper green, more attractive foliage, and more prolific floral production.

    Height: 3½-4' | Width: 3-3½'

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    SUMMERIFIC® 'Holy Grail' Hibiscus

    Incredibly dark, near-black leaves are oval shaped and pack the habit for a very full appearance. 8-9” rich, deep red flowers. The red and black colors perfectly complement each other. Bright green calyxes starkly contrast the dark foliage.

    Height: 4-4½' | Width: 4½-5'

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    SUMMERIFIC® 'Perfect Storm' Hibiscus

    Everything you want in a Hibiscus: awesome compact habit, huge flowers, and dark foliage. 7-8” wide, white flowers are edged with light pink, with a bright red eye that radiates out with the veins.

    Height: 3' | Width: 4½-5'

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    SUMMERIFIC® 'Spinderella' Hibiscus

    Large, 8” white flowers have medium pink accented edges and a dark red eye. Dark green leaves form a tidy, dense, and well-rounded habit that fits perfectly as the centerpiece of your garden. The impeccable habit is a great improvement over other varieties of this flower type.

    Height: 4-4½' | Width: 4½-5'

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