Mad About Mangave® Collection

Unique Succulent Creations

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    Why Mangave?

    Why Mangave?

    Mangave is a relatively new phenomenon, as a cross between the genus Manfreda and Agave. These rare hybrids combine the best of both worlds: the better growth rate and the interesting patterns of Manfreda, and the habit and refinement of Agave. We are very excited (shall we say mad?) about our new hybrids from Walters Gardens, Inc. hybridizing. Growers will appreciate the fast growth rate of Mangave-these hybrids finish more quickly than Agave, thanks to their Manfreda parentage. Look to the future for more interesting and unique looks to join the collection!

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    Mangave 'Bad Hair Day'

    If only your bad hair days looked this good! Like a head of hair, this plant produces narrow, flat lime green leaves that form an arching habit. Each leaf blade has light blush red spotting with a distinct blush toward the tips of the leaves. This is very easy to handle due to its soft, flexible leaves. This plant looks amazing in decorative containers, especially face planters. Our hardiest Mangave to date. One of our favorites!

    Height: 8-10" - Width: 18-20"

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    Mangave 'Blue Dart'

    This small to medium-sized Mangave has a classic "Agave look" while still being a Mangave hybrid. What's special about this succulent is its blue coloration-a perfect choice for combining with other colored succulents such as green or red. It gets its silvery blue appearance from the waxy coating to the leaves. This forms a perfectly symmetrical rosette of very rigid leaves that are edged with dark brown margins and terminal spines. The brown margins really make the blue color pop!

    Height: 12-16" - Width: 18-22"

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    Mangave 'Carnival'

    This sport of 'Jaguar' has the opposite variegation of the equally beautiful 'Kaleidoscope'. Long, lance-shaped leaves are dark green with wide, creamy yellow centers. Newer leaves have chartreuse centers. A smattering of subtle, light red spots dot the leaves, giving a blush tone to the leaves. Its brilliant coloration makes a great specimen in a container.

    Height: 18-24" - Width: 24-30"

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    Mangave 'Catch a Wave'

    Surf's up with the unique looking, wild and wavy leaves of this succulent! 'Catch a Wave' is a second generation Mangave with more Agave parentage, which shows in its characteristics. Very thick, silvery blue-green leaves are generously covered with restrained dark spotting. The margins curl upward to show off its marginal teeth. Its upright habit makes it look equally cool from a side view as it does from the top.

    Height: 8-10" - Width: 18-20"

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    Manfreda u. 'Cherry Chocolate Chip'

    This sport of 'Chocolate Chip' takes everything you loved about the original, but kicks it up a notch with its cherry red coloring. Like its parent, 'Cherry Chocolate Chip' forms a low, spreading rosette with long green leaves with chocolate spots and wavy-edged margins. The highlight of this beautiful succulent is its thin, creamy white margins. The spots that appear in this light margin are brilliant cherry red. The perfect choice if you're looking for something that arches over decorative containers.

    Height: 6-8" - Width: 30-32"

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    Mangave 'Falling Waters'

    The thick, blue-green succulent leaves on this unique Mangave cascade down the plant like a tranquil waterfall or a peaceful fountain. Each leaf has very faint spots that are more pronounced in UV light, with the overall effect highlighting the three-dimensional nature of the plant. The leaves fold upward to display heavily toothed margins. Showcase the arching habit of this premium Mangave in a container for a low-maintenance patio plant!

    Height: 8-10" - Width: 28-30"

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    Mangave 'Freckles and Speckles'

    A cute plant to match a cute name! Minty green leaves with a lavender overlay are lightly freckled with dark burgundy spots. Just like human freckles, the "freckles" and the overlay will be more pronounced in direct sunlight-in a greenhouse, the leaves will be greener. Margins curl up slightly to showcase its white, serrated edge. Finishing up the package are rose pink terminal spines. This is the perfect size and habit for combining with smaller scale succulents in containers!

    Height: 8" - Width: 16-20"

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    Mangave 'Inkblot'

    This attractive succulent has a low, wide habit with large, attractive spotting from its Manfreda blood, and thick, wide leaves from its Agave blood. Dark green leaves with blood red spotting arch downward, perfect for framing decorative containers. Although striking white spines line the curled up margins, these aren't deadly like you would expect from Agave, but softer to the touch. More exposure to UV light will brighten the dark coloration and the spotting.

    Height: 6-8" - Width: 18-22"

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    Mangave 'Kaleidoscope'

    This incredible sport of Mangave ‘Jaguar' is named for the many different colors that are present on the leaves at any given time. The long, lance-shaped leaves are deep green with creamy yellow margins, with a narrow band of light creamy green where the centers and margins overlap. Bright rosy red dots lightly cover the leaves. Margins are lined with a thin rosy red edge, creating a unique look to the leaves. Direct sunlight draws the most intense coloration, and margins glow nearly orange due to the rosy red lining. The brightly colored leaves form an arching habit of foliage, perfect as a centerpiece for a container.

    Height: 24-28" - Width: 32-36"

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    Mangave 'Lavender Lady'

    ‘Lavender Lady' is a unique, feminine beauty whose solitary rosette habit and smoky purple coloration make it look very similar to an Echeveria. In direct sunlight, smoky purple leaves are formed at the top of the rosette and have subdued burgundy purple dots. As the rosette ages, the ovate leaves lighten to green, forming a two-tone effect. Each 1½in wide leaf has a cinnamon brown terminal spine. The margins are lined with tiny white spines; running your fingers along them feels like a comb, as they are fairly benign. Its broad leaves combine well with Mangave with narrower leaves, like ‘Man of Steel'.

    Height: 8-10" - Width: 12-16"

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    Mangave 'Man of Steel'

    This Mangave produces a medium-sized rosette of narrow, sword-like leaves. Attractive silvery green leaves get their light color due to a waxy coating. The 7in long, lightly colored leaves form tidy, refined, circular rosette. Each ½in wide leaf is thinly lined with a cinnamon orange margin that is slightly rough to the touch. Long, terminal spines are matching in color to its margin. The leaves are not quite as thick as you would expect from an Agave, so this Mangave is easy to handle and work with. This is a great counterpart to ‘Lavender Lady' due to their similar size and complementing colors and form.

    Height: 6-8" - Width: 12-16"

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    Mangave 'Mayan Queen'

    A superb succulent that's fit for a queen! Frosty blue leaves have a serrated edge, with subtle burgundy spots concentrated at the tips. From a distance, the leaves appear lavender. This burgundy spotting is most defined on the leaves that receive direct sunlight; lower leaves will be greener. The narrow leaves curl and arch downward at the tips. This is a unique hue that will lend itself well to combining with other colored succulents.

    Height: 12" - Width: 22-24"

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  • 14.

    Manfreda u. 'Mint Chocolate Chip'

    Enjoy this unique-looking succulent for its incredibly wavy leaves and intense spotting. Long, silvery blue-green leaves are succulent, but not as rigid as Agave. Near-black spotting is present on both on the fronts and backsides of the leaves, and contrasts beautifully with the lighter colored leaves. A very fine white margin lines the edges of the leaves with a serrated edge. Compared to ‘Chocolate Chips', this plant has wider leaves, darker spotting, and more silvery blue leaves. Its wide, ground-hugging, low habit lends itself well to combination succulent containers—try it with broader leafed Mangave!

    Height: 6-8" - Width: 18-24"

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    Mangave 'Mission to Mars'

    A common nickname for Mars is the Red Planet, and this Mangave gets its moniker due to the unique, intense red coloration from the leaves. 2¾in wide, thick green leaves are heavily speckled with burgundy red, with spots that bleed into each other for an overall red appearance. The red coloration is brought out best in direct UV light and becomes subdued under heavy plastic. The 12in long leaves form arching habit, caused by the tips of the leaves curving downward. Margins curl upward to show off its cinnamon spines, a nice color complement to the red.

    Height: 8-10" - Width: 20-22"

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  • 16.

    Mangave 'Moonglow'

    This succulent has the surreal look of a moonlit night. 1in wide, silvery blue-green leaves practically glow with huge, contrasting dark purple spots to complete the effect. The spots will be more dramatic when exposed to more UV light levels from the sun. The 8-9in long, flat leaves are held rigidly straight from the base, forming a low, wide, and spiky habit. Tiny spines line the margins and terminal spines are relatively soft to the touch—much less lethal than Agave varieties.

    Height: 8-10" - Width: 16-20"

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  • 17.

    Mangave 'My Dog Spot'

    You can guess it from the name-this plant is full of spots! Long, thin light green leaves are filled with a smattering of dark burgundy spots and forms a long-growing, prostrate habit. Leaves are lined with small marginal spines. Spots are most pronounced when in direct UV light and will be mostly green under plastic. Readily forms pups or offshoots. Perfect as a stand-alone in a pot or for filling in for larger Mangave.

    Height: 8" - Width: 16"

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    Mangave 'Pineapple Express'

    The refined, spiky habit of this Mangave will remind you of the top of a pineapple. 1” wide, dark green leaves are long and slender, with pronounced burgundy spotting. The spots will be more pronounced when in full sun and exposed to UV light. A waxy coating gives the leaves a minty-green finish. Leaves are packed in tightly to form a spiky rosette. Tiny spines line the margins, and a very sharp, cinnamon terminal spine complete the spiky look. Plant this Mangave in a yellow or tan container to complete the pineapple look!

    Height: 9-10" - Width: 16-18"

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    Mangave 'Purple People Eater'

    This succulent is named after the famous novelty song, but it's not about to eat anybody! Rather, the extremely purple coloration is where it gets its name from. A neat rosette of thick, sturdy leaves that are blue-green with reddish-purple spotting. However, while walking by, the color will look purple. Bring out its best coloration in full sun; less intense exposure will produce greener leaves. Margins fold upward to show off its yellow, orange, and cinnamon brown spines. At the end of each leaf, there is a cinnamon terminal spine.

    Height: 12-16" - Width: 16-24"

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    Mangave 'Red Wing'

    Looking for a focal point for your succulent container? You've found it with 'Red Wing' and its incredible stopping power. This succulent forms a very large, refined rosette comprised of a multitude of pronounced deep red leaves. Absolutely gorgeous for both containers and the landscape.

    Height: 16-18" - Width: 24-26"

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  • 21.

    Mangave 'Silver Fox'

    A stunning and exceptional variety in a color that you wouldn't expect to see in a Mangave! Just like the white fur of a silver fox, this succulent glows nearly white when you first glance at it. In reality, it's more of a light green covered with a thick waxy coating to give it that glowing color. Light blue-purple spotting appears underneath the coating, but is mostly unnoticeable from a distance. In addition to its wonderful color, 'Silver Fox' has a magnificent habit, with thick, arching leaves and defined marginal teeth.

    Height: 8-10" - Width: 16-18"

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  • 22.

    Mangave 'Spotty Dotty'

    This beautiful succulent is a complex cross between an Agave and a Manfreda. 'Spotty Dotty' gets its beautiful spots from its Manfreda blood, and its thick, wide leaves from its Agave parentage. Beautiful medium green leaves are covered with small, dark burgundy purple spots. Very wide leaves fold up at the margins, displaying its sienna orange marginal teeth and long terminal spines. Leaves completely overlap each other, leaving little to no gaps, creating a full looking plant that's perfect for containers. Its leaves are softly wavy, creating unique texture. This succulent maintains a relatively low profile.

    Height: 8-10" - Width: 16-18"

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  • 23.

    Mangave 'Tooth Fairy'

    The name says it all, because the first thing you'll notice about this smaller scale Mangave are its "teeth." The long and pronounced spines are presented in a rainbow of colors, ranging from cinnamon brown to yellow to orange. Blue green leaves show off the array of colors even more, with faint spotting giving the thick leaves some character. Forms a singular rosette of succulent leaves.

    Height: 10-12" - Width: 16-18"

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    Mangave 'Whale Tale'

    A larger form Mangave that's perfect for being a centerpiece or focal point in your garden or containers. Large, wide blue-green leaves are lightly speckled with dark spotting. A waxy coating gives the plant more of a silvery blue look. Its low, wide habit has leaves that arch downwards at the tips, perfect for framing containers. The name 'Whale Tale' is in reference to its parentage of Agave ovatifolia (Whale Tongue Agave), which comprises about 50% of its blood.

    Height: 7-8" - Width: 22-26"

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