Manfreda undulata 'Cherry Chocolate Chip' PP29918


Common Name: Perennial Deciduous Agave

This sport of 'Chocolate Chip' takes everything you loved about the original, but kicks it up a notch with its cherry red coloring. Like its parent, 'Cherry Chocolate Chip' forms a low, spreading rosette with long green leaves with chocolate spots and wavy-edged margins. The highlight of this beautiful succulent is its thin, creamy white margins. The spots that appear in this light margin are brilliant cherry red. The perfect choice if you're looking for something that arches over decorative containers.

Manfredas typically flower annually once they are mature and unlike Agaves, they do not die after they bloom. The bloom spike can reach 4-8' tall with interesting burgundy brown flowers. Though this flowering performance is impressive, you'll fall in love with this plant for its fabulous foliage.

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