Manfreda undulata 'Mint Chocolate Chip' PP29343


Common Name: Perennial Deciduous Agave

Enjoy this unique-looking succulent for its incredibly wavy leaves and intense spotting. Long, silvery blue-green leaves are succulent, but not as rigid as Agave. Near-black spotting is present on both on the fronts and backsides of the leaves, and contrasts beautifully with the lighter colored leaves. A very fine white margin lines the edges of the leaves with a serrated edge. Compared to ‘Chocolate Chips’, this plant has wider leaves, darker spotting, and more silvery blue leaves. Its wide, ground-hugging, low habit lends itself well to combination succulent containers–try it with broader leafed Mangave!

Manfredas typically flower annually once they are mature and unlike Agaves, they do not die after they bloom. The bloom spike can reach 4-8' tall with interesting burgundy brown flowers. Though this flowering performance is impressive, you’ll fall in love with this plant for its fabulous foliage.

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