Mangave 'Iron Man' PP31250


Common Name: Mangave

A Mangave of massive proportions! Agave-like deep green leaves have a waxy coating and interesting architectural form. The edges of the leaves fold together where non-lethal marginal spines give the impression of jaws opening. Each leaf has a gentle downward wave before pointing up at the tip. Cinnamon terminal spines mark the end of the foliage. A large container is recommended for this variety to accommodate its impressive mature size and quick comparative growth rate.

Mangave is a relatively new phenomenon, an intergeneric cross of Manfreda x Agave. These rare hybrids combine the best of both worlds: the better growth rate and the interesting patterns of Manfreda, and the habit and refinement of Agave. We are very excited (shall we say mad?) about our new hybrids from Walters Gardens hybridizing.

Growers will appreciate the fast growth rate of Mangave-these hybrids finish more quickly than Agave, thanks to their Manfreda parentage. Look to the future for more interesting and unique looks to join the collection!

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