Hibiscus 'Valentine's Crush' PP35170 CPBRAF

SUMMERIFIC® Collection

Common Name: Rose Mallow

Love is in the air with this new cherry red Hardy Hibiscus from Proven Winners®! 'Valentine's Crush' replaces 'Cranberry Crush' in the SUMMERIFIC® Collection. Compared with 'Cranberry Crush', this variety has brighter red flowers that open fully flat at 7-8" wide. The leaves have a large, ovate shape - causing the plant to have a full appearance - and a dark bronze cast in full sun.

Similar to 'Candy Crush' and fellow newcomer 'Lilac Crush', 'Valentine's Crush' has an upright, columnar habit that is very sturdy and resists lodging. The habit is more columnar than predecessor 'Cranberry Crush'.

These North American native plants bring massive, tropical-looking flowers all the way to zone 4. Although later to emerge than most perennials in spring, these are fast growing plants capable of adding an inch of new growth a day. Excellent at brightening up end of season gardens.

The SUMMERIFIC® trademark is owned by Walters Gardens, Inc.

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