Top New Items for 2020-2021

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    Our best of the best - these plants are sure to turn heads when they hit the market.

    Variety Pictured: Phlox paniculata LUMINARY™ 'Opalescence'

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    Aster novae-angliae 'Grape Crush'

    Height: 26-30" | Spread: 40-44" | Zones: 3-8

    (New England Aster) Bringing refinement to fall blooming Asters, ‘Grape Crush' produces a large, very round mound with densely packed flowers. We have observed no lodging in our trials, a phenomenal achievement for fall blooming Asters. Very rich, dark purple flowers are produced above dark green foliage in early to midfall.

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    Aster novae-angliae 'Pink Crush'

    Height: 20-24" | Spread: 34-38" | Zones: 3-8

    (New England Aster) Bringing refinement to fall blooming Asters, ‘Pink Crush' produces a large, very round mound with densely packed flowers. We have observed no lodging in our trials, a phenomenal achievement for fall blooming Asters. Rose pink flowers are produced above dark green foliage in early to midfall. This variety is shorter than ‘Grape Crush'.

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    Baptisia DECADENCE® DELUXE 'Blue Bubbly'

    Height: 4-4½' | Spread: 3½-4' | Zones: 4-9

    (False Indigo) New to the DECADENCE® DELUXE series is ‘Blue Bubbly', a lavender-blue flowering variety. Its vase-like habit is topped with densely packed, blue flowers. The long, 16” flower spikes make for an extended season of bloom. Compared to ‘Blueberry Sundae', ‘Blue Bubbly' has a taller habit with a different shape, and lighter blue flowers.

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    Bergenia 'Miss Piggy'

    Height: 16-18" | Spread: 28-32" | Zones: 4-9

    (Pigsqueak) In early spring, a stunning display of bright pink flowers top the thick, dark green, glossy leaves. Compared to ‘Sakura', ‘Miss Piggy' has more consistent pink flower color, a larger canopy of foliage, and broader, more substantial leaves.

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    Buddleia 'Lilac Cascade'

    Height: 5-5½' | Spread: 6' | Zones: 5-10

    (Butterfly Bush) 12-18” huge, puffy panicles of pale lilac flowers cascade down the habit. Flower size matches ‘Grand Cascade', but with in a lighter shade of purple and shorter stature. Through 4 years of monitoring for sterility we have not observed seed set – a stand out trait among Buddleia.

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    Buddleia MONARCH® 'Princess Pink'

    Height: 5' | Spread: 6-6½' | Zones: 5-10

    (Butterfly Bush) 8” long, light appleblossom pink flower panicles are produced above a round habit of dark green foliage. When in full bloom, the plants is notably floriferous and attractive.

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    Clematis 'Rain Dance'

    Height: 42" | Spread: 30" | Zones: 3-7

    (Bush Clematis) Incredibly large (2½-3”), outward facing indigo blue flowers with darker midribs and lighter margins. Although this is a non-vining Clematis, the plant will benefit from support, either from staking, a garden obelisk, or from neighboring plants.

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    Dianthus 'Paint the Town Fancy'

    Height: 8-10" | Spread: 16-18" | Zones: 4-9

    Prized for their bright flower color and increased heat tolerance. Flowers completely cover the glaucous blue foliage when it's in peak. 1”, single, rosy fuchsia flowers with a red eye and serrated petals.

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    Dianthus 'Paint the Town Red'

    Height: 6-8" | Spread: 16-18" | Zones: 4-9

    (Pinks) Prized for their bright flower color and increased heat tolerance. Flowers completely cover the glaucous blue foliage when it's in peak. ¾-1”, single, deep magenta red flowers and serrated petals.

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    Echinacea COLOR CODED™ 'The Price is White'

    Height: 20-22" | Spread: 16-18" | Zones: 4-8

    (Coneflower) 5” wide, overlapping, horizontal white petals with a green cone and yellow pollen. Dark green foliage. Produced clonally from tissue culture, so all plants will be uniform in color and habit.

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    Echinacea EYE-CATCHER™ 'Tanager'

    Height: 22-24" | Spread: 16-18" | Zones: 4-8

    (Coneflower) 3½”, rich tangerine orange flowers with heavily overlapping petals and dark cones are produced on dark stems above dark foliage. Noted for its incredible basal branching. This replaces ‘Atomic Orange' in our catalog.

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    Epimedium 'Pretty in Pink'

    Height: 18" | Spread: 24-36" | Zones: 5-8

    (Barrenwort) Epimedium grandiflorum hybrid. Flowers have white spurs, rose pink backs, and deeper rose centers. Small heart-shaped, bright green foliage takes on dramatic bronzing. Compared to ‘Pink Champagne', this is a smaller stature plant, with darker pink flowers, and more pronounced bronze foliage.

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    Hemerocallis RAINBOW RHYTHM® 'King of the Ages'

    Height: 38" | Spread: 18-24" | Zones: 3-9

    (Daylily) Excellent to bring height to the garden. In addition to tall scapes, ‘King of the Ages' boasts incredible size with 6½” flowers. The petals are a unique blend of butter-yellow, peach, and apricot (officially, a “polychrome”). With its burgundy red eye and matching red picotee edge.

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    Hemerocallis RAINBOW RHYTHM® 'Lake of Fire'

    Height: 24" | Spread: 18-24" | Zones: 3-9

    (Daylily) Enormous 7” flowers are apricot orange with an incredibly wide, orange red eye. Along the ruffled edge is a matching orange red picotee edge with a razor thin golden yellow margin. ‘Lake of Fire' will set your garden ablaze in midsummer.

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    Hemerocallis 'Born to Run'

    Height: 28" | Spread: 18-24" | Zones: 3-9

    (Daylily) Rich, rosy red flowers have a creamy yellow, incredibly ruffled picotee edge. A narrow pale pink watermark appears above the lime green throat. Although registered at 28”, we have observed this daylily to be shorter at 20-22”.

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    Hemerocallis 'Cosmic Struggle'

    Height: 26" | Spread: 18-24" | Zones: 3-9

    (Daylily) Stunningly intense, rich wine purple flowers are lined neatly with a lemon-yellow picotee edge. The purple color holds up well and does not fade. The lined margins accentuate the color for an incredibly attractive look. A subtle, dark lavender watermark above the eye.

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    Heuchera DOLCE® 'Toffee Tart'

    (Coral Bells) A brand new color to Proven Winners® Heuchera. ‘Toffee Tart' displays differing shades of ginger caramel throughout the seasons. In spring, newest leaves are amber with a silver overlay. Mature leaves are ginger color with silver overlay. We recommend providing some shade protection. Creamy white flowers are held on burgundy stems.

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    Hibiscus SUMMERIFIC® 'French Vanilla'

    Height: 3½-4' | Spread: 3-3½' | Zones: 4-9

    (Rose Mallow) A new color for the collection and a breakthrough for yellow Hardy Hibiscus. Soft yellow flower buds open to 7-8” creamy custard yellow, ruffled flowers with a prominent red eye. Flowers are more yellow in cooler conditions and whiter in hotter conditions. Compared to the industry standard ‘Old Yella', this Hibiscus retains its yellow color longer, has a more compact habit, has red stems and deeper green, more attractive foliage, and a very prolific floral production.

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    Hibiscus SUMMERIFIC® 'Spinderella'

    Height: 4-4½' | Spread: 4½-5' | Zones: 4-9

    (Rose Mallow) Large, 8” white flowers have medium pink accented edges and a dark red eye. Dark green leaves form a tidy, dense, and well-rounded habit that fits perfectly as the centerpiece of your garden. The impeccable habit is a great improvement over other varieties of this flower type.

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    Hibiscus 'Blackberry Merlot'

    Height: 4-4½' | Spread: 3½-4' | Zones: 4-9

    (Rose Mallow) The deepest red flowering Hardy Hibiscus we currently offer in our catalog. 8” rich, deep velvety red flowers are produced above a tight, upright habit of deep green leaves. A perfect centerpiece for a garden with bright and beautiful colors.

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    Leucanthemum superbum 'Ice Cream Dream'

    Height: 12" | Spread: 18" | Zones: 5-9

    (Shasta Daisy) Intense yellow buds open cream and expand to be near white, fully double, pom-pom-like flowers with small yellow centers. The flowers are 2½-3” wide and totally cover the compact habit of dark green foliage.

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    Monarda 'Electric Neon Coral'

    Height: 14-16" | Spread: 18-24" | Zones: 4-8

    (Bee Balm) Joining the popular ‘Electric Neon Pink', this new variety is a softer shade of pink than the original. Huge 3” light coral pink flowers are produced above very dark green foliage. Excellent resistance to common foliar diseases such as powdery mildew.

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    Origanum 'Drops of Jupiter'

    Height: 24" | Spread: 36" | Zones: 4-9

    (Ornamental Oregano) Leaves are chartreuse yellow when planted in full sun. Mauve pink flowers are held on purple calyxes; with calyxes holding color late into fall. Although it's related to the oregano commonly used in cooking, this herb is meant to show off in the garden. Its leaves are edible, but will not have as intense of a flavor as its cousins.

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    Perovskia atriplicifolia 'Sage Advice'

    Height: 32-36" | Spread: 28-32" | Zones: 4-9

    (Russian Sage) The darkest purple shade to date. Rich lavender purple flowers are produced on strong, upright plants filled with oval-shaped, notched leaves. This is early to bloom like its counterpart ‘Denim ‘n Lace', starting around late July in Michigan. Compared to ‘Denim ‘n Lace', this is a slightly taller variety with darker purple calyxes and broader leaves.

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    Phlox paniculata LUMINARY™ 'Opalescence'

    Height: 30-32" | Spread: 24-28" | Zones: 3-8

    (Tall Garden Phlox) The flagship variety of the LUMINARY™ Collection and the new gold standard of powdery mildew resistance. In an extensive mildew trial, this was the very best variety to display resistance. Light pink flowers have dark pink eyes and are produced over dark green leaves; the darkest green we've seen on P. paniculata.

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    Phlox paniculata LUMINARY™ 'Ultraviolet'

    Height: 32-36" | Spread: 28-32" | Zones: 3-8

    (Tall Garden Phlox) Very dark, magenta violet flower panicles are held above a full, bushy habit of bright green foliage. An improvement on the industry standard ‘Nicky', with darker stems and buds, bronzed leaves, more floriferous performance, and better resistance to powdery mildew.

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    Phlox subulata SPRING BLING™ 'Pink Sparkles'

    Height: 4-8" | Spread: 24-28" | Zones: (3)4-8

    (Hybrid Creeping Phlox) These spring groundcovers take creeping Phlox to the next level of refinement and beauty. Beautifully mounded habits look better later into the spring season - you'll want to show off these beauties like your finest jewelry. Mature plants will spread more in the garden. Soft, baby pink flowers with lighter halos at the centers. The earliest of the series to bloom with the largest flowers (1½”) - double the size of most other P. subulata types.

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    Phlox subulata SPRING BLING™ 'Rose Quartz'

    Height: 4-8" | Spread: 24-28" | Zones: (3)4-8

    (Hybrid Creeping Phlox) Large, rose pink flowers (1-1¼”). A deeper shade than ‘Pink Sparkles' but lighter than ‘Ruby Riot'.

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    Phlox subulata SPRING BLING™ 'Ruby Riot'

    Height: 4-8" | Spread: 24-28" | Zones: (3)4-8

    (Hybrid Creeping Phlox) Reddish pink flowers with darker eyes at the center.

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    Polemonium 'Heaven Scent'

    Height: 18-24" | Spread: 15-18" | Zones: 3-7

    (Jacob's Ladder) ‘Heaven Scent' forms a mound of green, fern-like foliage with deep purple highlights from spring into summer. The foliage grows about 1' tall and is topped by clusters of lightly fragrant, blue flowers in late spring. Though most Polemoniums prefer afternoon shade, ‘Heaven Scent' can handle full sun in Northern regions with a good supply of moisture.

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    Pulmonaria 'Spot On'

    Height: 14-16" | Spread: 18-20" | Zones: 3-9

    (Lungwort) A new genus to the perennial lineup. Flowers open a deep salmon pink (nearly orange) and mature to a rich blue color. One of the first Pulmonaria to have near-orange flower buds. Silver speckling dusts green leaves.

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    Salvia COLOR SPIRES® 'Back to the Fuchsia'

    Height: 22-24" | Spread: 22-24" | Zones: 3-8

    (Perennial Salvia) The darkest pink of the COLOR SPIRES® Collection with fuchsia pink flowers on dark charcoal stems. A cross between S. nemorosa and S. pratensis. Will rebloom if sheered back.

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    Salvia nemorosa 'Tidal Pool'

    Height: 18-20" | Spread: 20-22" | Zones: 3-8

    (Perennial Salvia) Bicolor flowers have violet blue hoods and lighter insides. Individual flowers are larger than typical S. nemorosa and covers a low, wide habit. Compared to ‘Blue Hill', ‘Tidal Pool' has a more refined habit, better branching, and higher density of flowers.

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    Salvia FASHOINSITA® 'Vanity Flair'

    Height: 20-22" | Spread: 20-24" | Zones: 3-8

    (Perennial Salvia) A brand new color for the collection, ‘Vanity Flair' has the same large flowers as the rest of the collection but with sky blue flowers. The long flower spikes are produced above a dense mass canopy of dark green foliage.

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