Top New Items for 2021-2022

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    New at to the trade in 2021, these plants will be available at retail in 2022. Below are some of our favorite upcoming plants.

    Variety Pictured: Leucanthemum superbum AMAZING DAISIES® 'Banana Cream II'

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    Amsonia 'String Theory'

    Height: 18-22" | Spread: 32-36" | Zones: 4-9

    (Bluestar) ‘String Theory' is a compact version of Amsonia hubrichtii. While other Amsonia often display chlorotic leaves, ‘String Theory' displays healthy dark green leaves throughout the summer. Brilliant golden orange fall foliage color. Light periwinkle blue flowers appear in late spring, later to bloom than ‘Storm Cloud'.

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    Buddleia 'Violet Cascade'

    Height: 4-4½' | Spread: 5½-6' | Zones: 5-10

    (Butterfly Bush) ‘Violet Cascade' has the same cascading habit as the other members of the series, but with deep purple, cascading flowers. Through 4 years of monitoring for sterility we have not observed seed set &emdash; a stand out trait among Buddleia.

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    Clematis 'Stand By Me Lavender'

    Height: 34-38" | Spread: 24-36" | Zones: 3-7

    (Bush Clematis) This variety has the same performance as ‘Stand by Me' but with a lavender shade of flowers to join the original's blue. Dark purple buds open to lavender purple, bell-shaped, nodding flowers. Attractive cream thread-like seed heads follow. Broad, green foliage. This plant benefits from staking, cages, or neighboring plants for support.

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    Geranium pratense 'Boom Chocolatta'

    Height: 24-26" | Spread: 28-30" | Zones: 4-8

    (Hardy Geranium, Cranesbill) G. pratense hybrid with rich, dark bronze leaves and an upright habit. Blue-purple flowers cover the top of the habit. Compared to older genetics, this plant is more vigorous and has a very refined habit.

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    Hemerocallis 'Persian Ruby'

    Height: 30" | Spread: 18-24" | Zones: 3-9

    (Daylily) Classic fragrant red daylily with a high bud count and flowers that are presented just above the foliage. Velvety red flowers with slightly recurved petals and a yellow throat are produced in midsummer.

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    Heuchera DRESSED UP™ 'Evening Gown'

    Height: 12-14" | Scape: 18-20" | Spread: 20-24" | Zones: 4-9

    (Coral Bells) Huge 6”, glossy black leaves have ruffled margins and form a substantial mounded habit. Best color and performance in part shade. Substantial flower scapes hold pink buds that open to white flowers.

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    Hibiscus SUMMERIFIC® 'Edge of Night'

    Height: 3-3½' | Spread: 4-4½' | Zones: 4-9

    (Rose Mallow) At only 3-3½' tall, this is our most compact Hibiscus to date. 7-8” bubblegum pink flowers have dark pink veining. Jet black foliage is the darkest we've seen on a Hibiscus. Compared to ‘Evening Rose', this has darker foliage, a more compact habit, and brighter pink flowers. Best color and performance will be in full sun.

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    Hibiscus 'Inner Glow'

    Height: 4' | Spread: 4' | Zones: 4-9

    (Rose Mallow) A unique flower pattern that you wouldn't expect on a Hardy Hibiscus! Rich rose pink flowers have a lavender purple halo at the centers. Dissected, olive green leaves. Leaf color and flower performance are best in full sun.

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    Hosta 'Dancing with Dragons'

    Height: 18" | Scape: 25-33" | Spread: 43" | Zones: 3-9

    (Hosta) Heart-shaped leaves have margins that are heavily rippled and give the hosta an overall wavy appearance. This variety holds its beautiful blue color throughout the season. Near white flowers in late summer.

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    Hosta 'Drop-dead Gorgeous'

    Height: 30" | Scape: 28-41" | Spread: 86" | Zones: 3-9

    (Hosta) Large, ovate leaves have green centers with brightly contrasting yellow margins. The margins are heavily rippled and give the leaves a lightly wavy overall effect. White flowers in midsummer. A showy specimen for the shade!

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    Hosta SHADOWLAND® 'Hope Springs Eternal'

    Height: 22" | Scape: 24-32" | Spread: 47" | Zones: 3-9

    (Hosta) Heart-shaped, blue horizontal leaves have a crisp creamy white margin. Incredible ruffling on the leaves undulates all the way to the pointed tips. Near white flowers in midsummer.

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    Hosta SHADOWLAND® 'Miss America'

    Height: 19" | Scape: 55-61" | Spread: 55" | Zones: 3-9

    (Hosta) A majestic, variegated large hosta. Medium green, heart-shaped leaves have white centers and light green intermediate streaking between the center and margin. Near white, tubular flowers have a lavender pattern in the center of the petals and are borne on thick, upright, tall stems.

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    Leucanthemum superbum AMAZING DAISIES® 'Banana Cream II'

    Height: 20-24" | Spread: 20-22" | Zones: 5-9

    (Shasta Daisy) An improved ‘Banana Cream'. Like the original, flower buds are lemon yellow and brighten to creamy white. Improvements include being more floriferous, holding the yellow color longer, a more appealing habit, and earlier to start flowering. Flowers without vernalization; best performance with 4-6 weeks of vernalization.

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    Leucanthemum superbum AMAZING DAISIES® 'Marshmallow'

    Height: 18-20" | Spread: 20-22" | Zones: 5-9

    (Shasta Daisy) ‘Marshmallow' has a puffy look just like the sweet treat. Large, 3½” fully double, bright white flowers absolutely cover the medium-sized habit. Growers will love the low vernalization requirements: we recommend 4-6 weeks for best performance, although we have observed flowering without vernalization.

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    Monarda 'Leading Lady Razzberry'

    Height: 10-14" | Spread; 22-28" | Zones: 4-8

    (Bee Balm) Bee Balm typically bloom in midsummer, but the Leading Lady series leads the way in early summer, flowering earlier and forming a more compact clump than other Bee Balm. This variety typically blooms from early summer (first week of June in Michigan) into midsummer and grows just a foot tall.

    'Leading Lady Razzberry' has bright raspberry purple flowers on dark green leaves that have a purple cast and dark bracts.

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    Nepeta 'Picture Purrfect'

    Height: 10-12" | Spread: 22-24" | Zones: 3-8

    (Catmint) Similar compact height to ‘Kitten Around' but has a much broader habit and blooms about two weeks earlier. Compared to Nepeta faassenii varieties, the blue purple flowers are noticeably larger and a more blue tone than average.

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    Pennisetum alopecuroides PRAIRIE WINDS® 'Lemon Squeeze'

    Height: 3-3½' | Spread: 4-4½' | Zones: 5-9

    (Fountain Grass) One of the best for vigor that we've seen in gold-leafed Pennisetum with absolutely no burning in the sun. Copper panicles appear above the foliage in midsummer. From Brent Horvath.

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    Phlox paniculata LUMINARY™ 'Backlight'

    Height: 28-30" | Spread: 20-24" | Zones: 3-8

    (Tall Garden Phlox) Pure white flowers are produced in well-defined panicles at the top of a perfect habit. The dark green leaves resist mildew that often plagues Tall Garden Phlox, even in hot, humid conditions.

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    Sedum ROCK 'N GROW® 'Back in Black'

    Height: 20-24" | Spread: 26-30" | Zones: 3-9

    (Stonecrop) Enjoy the dark foliage throughout the summer, and when late summer rolls around, flowers with deep garnet red centers and cream petals will appear. One of our best through 10 years of evaluations.

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    Sedum ROCK 'N GROW® 'Tiramisu'

    Height: 18-20" | Spread: 30-32" | Zones: 3-9

    (Stonecrop) Through most of the summer, bronze leaves form a wide, dome-shaped habit. In late summer to early fall, tiny clusters of blush pink buds open to cream flowers. ‘Tiramisu' passed our stringent multi-year trials by not lodging, maintaining its beautiful shape all the way to the end of the season.

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    Spigelia marilandica 'Ragin Cajun'

    Height: 20-24" | Spread: 20-24" | Zones: 5b-9

    (Indian Pinks) ‘Little Redhead' quickly became one of the most popular additions to our catalog, and we expect similar interest in ‘Ragin Cajun'. Compared to ‘Little Redhead' which is a deep red, ‘Ragin Cajun' has orange red flowers, has more of a rounded habit, and is more floriferous. Attracts pollinators like hummingbirds and is a native woodland perennial, although it grows well in both sun and shade. From Tony Avent from Plant Delights Nursery.

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    Digiplexis 'Falcon Fire'

    Height: 36-42" | Spread: 16-18" | Zones: 8

    (Tender Foxglove) Deep pink flowers with mango orange interiors are produced on sturdy flower spikes. Rich, dark green leaves form a large foliar canopy underneath the flowers. Compared to ‘Berry Canary', the overall color is more orange.

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    Mangave 'Pineapple Punch' - MAD ABOUT MANGAVE® Collection

    Height: 14-16" | Spread: 22-26" | Zones: (8)9-10

    (Mangave) This sport of ‘Pineapple Express' has a similar habit of long, rigid leaves like the original, but with beautiful wide yellow margins. Red spots cover the leaves and are more pronounced in full sun, causing the yellow margins to appear have a glowing orange cast.

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    Mangave 'Thunderbird' - MAD ABOUT MANGAVE® Collection

    Height: 8-12" | Spread: 10-12" | Zones: 9-11

    (Mangave) This smaller sized succulent has thick, flat leaves that are almost completely covered with dark red spots for eye-catching appeal. The leaves form an upright, refined rosette &emdash; perfect for growers looking for ease of shipping.

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