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    This Week's Picks...

    Want to see what's hot at Walters Gardens, Inc? Check out Barb's Perennial Picks of the Week! This photo flyer shows a select group of perennials that are looking great this week. Don't miss out on these hot items! To view a current availability, click the link below.

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    Hosta 'Blue Mouse Ears'

    HSBMEG1, HSBMEG2, HSBME20, HSBME72 (Deckert) Adorable small hosta with thick, heart-shaped, blue-green to grey-green leaves. Forms a perfectly symmetrical mound. Clusters of lavender, bell-shaped flowers emerge from balloon-like buds on perfectly proportioned scapes.

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    Hosta 'Captain Kirk'

    HSCAKG1, HSCAKG2, HSCAK20 (Brill) Broad leaves of heavy substance with wide, dark green margins and bright gold centers. Pale lavender flowers. An improved sport of 'Gold Standard'; has much wider, dark green leaves with golden centers and a heavier substance.

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    Hosta 'Gold Standard'

    HSGOSG1, HSGOSG2 (Banyai) Forms a large mound of leaves with dark green margins and light green centers which turn gold by summer. Pale lavender flowers.

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    Hosta 'Krossa Regal'

    HSKRRG1, HSKRRG2 (Krossa) Frosted grey-green leaves and a graceful, vase-like habit. Leaves are wavy and of good substance. Lavender flowers on exceptionally tall scapes.

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    Hosta 'Night Before Christmas'

    HSNBCG1, HSNBCG2 (Machen) Huge, dark green leaves with striking cream to white centers are of good substance and resist melting out. Rapidly forms a dense mound. Pale lavender flowers. Sport of 'White Christmas'.

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    Hosta 'Old Glory' PP12503

    HSOLGG1, HSOLG72 (Hansen/Shady Oaks Nursery) A sport of 'Glory'. Heart-shaped leaves with golden yellow centers and irregular, 1in wide, dark green margins. Light lavender flowers. Really brightens up shady areas!

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    Hosta 'Paradigm'

    HSPARG1, HSPAR20, HSPAR72 (Walden-West) Thick, corrugated, gold leaves with jetting blue-green margins; variegation intensifies later in the spring. Light lavender flowers.

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    Hosta SHADOWLAND® Collection 'Wheee!' PP23565 CPBR4948

    HSWHEG1, HSWHE20, HSWHE72 (Meyer) Like a little girl's wavy locks, extremely ruffled leaves are wavy all the way from the crown out to the leaf tips. This ruffling is evident even on juvenile plants. Green leaves with cream margins are of good substance. Light lavender flowers.

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    Hosta 'Wolverine'

    HSWOLG1, HSWOLG2 (Wilkins) This one will catch your eye from quite a distance! The wavy, tapering leaves may reach 10in long. They are blue-green with wide, gold margins. Forms a dense, cascading mound. Lavender flowers. Displays some sun tolerance.

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