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    This Week's Picks...

    Want to see what's hot at Walters Gardens, Inc? Check out Barb's Perennial Picks of the Week! This photo flyer shows a select group of perennials that are looking great this week. Don't miss out on these hot items! To view a current availability, click the link below.

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    Hosta 'Captain Kirk'

    HSCAKG1, HSCAKG2, HSCAK20 (Brill) Broad leaves of heavy substance with wide, dark green margins and bright gold centers. Pale lavender flowers. An improved sport of 'Gold Standard'; has much wider, dark green leaves with golden centers and a heavier substance.

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    Hosta 'Curly Fries'

    HSCUF20, HSCUF72 (Solberg) This popular hosta forms a seemingly electrified clump of extremely rippled, narrow leaves. Mature plants have red speckled petioles. Best in morning sun where its chartreuse foliage will be brightest. Lavender flowers.

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    Hosta 'Designer Genes'

    HSDEG20, HSDEG72 (Wrede) Best yellow hosta with red petioles on the market. Striking brilliant yellow leaves emerge in spring from deep wine-red shoots. Holds its yellow color longer into the season compared to others. Foliage eventually mellows to chartreuse. Red scapes carry purple flowers.

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    Hosta SHADOWLAND® 'Empress Wu' PP20774 CPBR4240

    HSEMWG1, HSEMW20, HSEMW72 (Skaggs) The largest known hosta in commerce! Makes a tremendous focal point. Huge, thick, dark green, deeply veined leaves form a massive upright clump. Pale reddish violet flowers. A top seller.

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    Hosta 'Guacamole'

    HSGUA20, HSGUA72 (Solberg) Huge, apple green leaves develop dark green margins and brighter chartreuse centers in summer. Large, fragrant, near-white to lavender flowers emerge from lavender buds. A sport of 'Fragrant Bouquet'. Exhibits greater sun tolerance.

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    Hosta 'Night Before Christmas'

    HSNBCG1, HSNBCG2 (Machen) Huge, dark green leaves with striking cream to white centers are of good substance and resist melting out. Rapidly forms a dense mound. Pale lavender flowers. Sport of 'White Christmas'.

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    Hosta 'Rainforest Sunrise'

    HSRAS20, HSRAS72 (Winterberry Farms) An exciting sport of 'Maui Buttercups'. Leaves emerge light green, then quickly develop dark green margins and a radiant gold center. As they mature, the thick leaves become lightly cupped and heavily puckered. Light lavender flowers.

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    Hosta 'School Mouse'

    HSSHM20, HSSHM72 (Walters Gardens, Inc.) A sport of 'Church Mouse' with a clearly defined yellow margin. Thick, coarsely wavy leaves have bluegreen to green centers and creamy yellow margins. Lavender flowers appear on proportionate scapes.

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    HSWLL20, HSWLL72 (Walters Gardens, Inc.) Sport of 'Empress Wu' with the same size and presence and takes it to the next level with an attractive margin. Blue-green leaves have a striking apple-green margin, as well as good substance. Like its parent, this hosta will take about 5 years to reach full maturity and size. Violet flowers.

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