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    This Week's Picks...

    Want to see what's hot at Walters Gardens, Inc? Check out Barb's Perennial Picks of the Week! This photo flyer shows a select group of perennials that are looking great this week. Don't miss out on these hot items! To view a current availability, click the link below.

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    Monarda 'Electric Neon Pink'

    MONEN20, MONEN72 (Bee Balm) Fabulous, vibrant flower color on this new interspecific hybrid of Bee Balm. Intense, dark neon pink flowers are produced above an upright mound of glossy, dark green foliage. The large, 3" flowers practically glow, lightening slightly for a two tone effect.

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    Monarda 'Leading Lady Orchid'

    MONLR20, MONLR72 Orchid pink blossoms. Petal interiors are light pink and covered with fuchsia spots.

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    Monarda didyma 'Pardon My Pink'

    MONPP20, MONPP72 True medium pink flowers sit just atop the foliage. Large 21/2-3" flowers.

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    Monarda SUGAR BUZZ® 'Bubblegum Blast'

    MONBB20, MONBB72 Hot pink flowers.

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    Monarda SUGAR BUZZ® 'Cherry Pops'

    MONCP20, MONCP72 Cherry red flowers.

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    Monarda SUGAR BUZZ® 'Grape Gumball'

    MONGG20, MONGG72 Vibrant magenta flowers.

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    Monarda SUGAR BUZZ® 'Lilac Lollipop'

    MONLO20, MONLO72 Lavender-lilac flowers.

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    Monarda SUGAR BUZZ® 'Pink Frosting'

    MONPF20, MONPF72 Pastel pink flowers form a carpet of blossoms that completely cover the foliage.

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    Monarda SUGAR BUZZ® 'Rockin' Raspberry'

    MONRR20, MONRR72 Deep raspberry-purple flowers and distinctive dark foliage.

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