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    This Week's Picks...

    Want to see what's hot at Walters Gardens, Inc? Check out Barb's Perennial Picks of the Week! This photo flyer shows a select group of perennials that are looking great this week. Don't miss out on these hot items! Call to place your order today! 1-888-WALTERS. To view a current availability, click the link below.

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    Hosta 'Blueberry Muffin'

    HSBLM20, HSBLM72 (Hosta) Strong grower with reliable garden performance. Long-lasting blue foliage deepens to blue-green late in the season. Rounded, puckered leaves are held on attractive light mauve petioles. Matching mauve scapes carry the lavender flowers.

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    Hosta 'Electrocution'

    HSELE72 (Hosta) Distinctive hosta with an upright mounded habit. Tightly rippled, twisted, long and narrow leaves are green with yellow to creamy yellow margins. Mature plants have red speckled petioles. Lavender flowers. Sharp looking in containers.

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    Hosta 'Fire Island'

    HSFII20, HSFII72 (Hosta) Brilliant yellow leaves emerge on red petioles in spring. Red extends from petiole base up into the leaves. Foliage darkens to chartreuse in summer. Lavender flowers.

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    Hosta 'Hudson Bay' PP23598 CPBR4947 - SHADOWLAND® Collection

    HSHUB20, HSHUB72 (Hosta) Improved ‘Eskimo Pie’ stronger grower and a showier specimen overall. Wider, brighter blue margins and apple green jetting contrast nicely with the creamy white center all season. Leaves are of heavy substance. Near-white flowers.

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    Hosta 'Key West'

    HSKEW20, HSKEW72 (Hosta) Intense gold, heart-shaped leaves adorn this very large hosta. Bright filtered shade draws out the gold color. Good grower. Lavender flowers.

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    Hosta 'Paradigm'

    HSPAR20, HSPAR72 (Hosta) Thick, corrugated, gold leaves with jetting blue-green margins; variegation intensifies later in the spring. Light lavender flowers.

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    Hosta 'Maui Buttercups'

    HSMAB20, HSMAB72 (Hosta) One of the best small, yellow hostas. Bright gold, 5in, rounded leaves are cupped and corrugated. They are of heavy substance and demonstrate good slug resistance. Near-white flowers.

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    Hosta 'Rainbow's End' PP17251

    HSREN20, HSREN72 (Hosta) This incredible variegated hosta is very distinctive in gardens and containers. Shiny, bright yellow leaves of good substance have dark green margins that jet into the center which brightens to creamy white in summer. Showy red scapes carry dark lavender flowers.

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    Hosta 'Royal Wedding' PP26727

    HSROW20, HSROW72 (Hosta) Prestigious wide-margined sport of ‘Diana Remembered’. Forms an upright mound of thick, shiny yellow leaves with very wide, creamy white to pure white margins. Enjoy its sweetly perfumed, large 3-4in, white flowers.

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