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Product Profile

Our product line consists primarily of generously graded bare root and plug perennials which are sold to independent garden centers, wholesale growers, landscapers, municipalities, and online retail companies across the US and Canada.

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Soil Testing Instructional

Join Jeremy as he gives a walkthrough highlighting the benefits of regular soil testing. Learn about how EC and pH affect your plants and what you can do to have the best soil!

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Helleborus Growing Tips

Helleborus are amazing plants with a long season of spring bloom and evergreen foliage. Our challenge as growers is to get them started on the right path. Here are a few things we’ve learned.

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Astilbe Groups

Astilbe's brightly colored, stately plumes comprised of tiny, densely packed flowers are absolutely spectacular when planted en masse and are one of the most colorful flowers for the shade. The panicles range in shape from tall and narrow to dense and stocky. Still others are more open and airy or cascade outward. In order to more accurately identify the traits of a particular cultivar, they have been divided into groups.

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Grower Tips for Hosta Elle Plugs

Although they have been acclimated to a protected greenhouse environment, they will still require some tender care for the next few months.

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