Phlox 'Purple Sprite' PPAF CPBRAF

Sprite Series

Common Name: Hybrid Spring Phlox

(Hybrid Spring Phlox) Try a new spring blooming Phlox that behaves differently than the standard Phlox subulata. Unlike the standard Creeping Phlox, the members of this series do not spread aggressively, rather, they form a low, mounding habit of star-shaped flowers. These varieties also blooms a week or so later than Phlox subulata, great for extending the spring color of your garden. As an added bonus-although it prefers full sun, this Phlox will tolerate very light shade. Plant with spring bulbs for a long-awaited splash of color in your garden. Late spring perennials like Amsonia 'Storm Cloud' or Nepeta 'Cat's Pajamas' will begin blooming as this Phlox is finishing.

Bright purple flowers with a tiny white halo in the center.

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