Why Mangave?

Four Reasons Mangave should be Your Next Succulent

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Mangave are a hybrid of the genus Agave and Manfreda. Here are four reasons they are better together: 

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1. Softer, “Less Lethal” Spines

Enjoy the succulent form of Agave without the pokes and scratches. Whether you're potting, transplanting, working in the garden, or just moving your succulents inside for the winter, Mangave will give you less trouble than the traditional Agave.


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2. Fast Growers

Although it varies by variety, Mangave can be expected to grow twice as fast as an Agave and tolerate high levels of moisture better. If you're looking for a focal point succulent, Mangave can fill that role for you AND fill out a container without the wait.


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3. Perfect Focal Plant

Whether in the garden or container, Mangave are sure to stand out and require little maintenance.


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4. More Interesting Colors and Shapes

Thanks to their hybrid parentage, Mangave offer a wide variety of new colors and forms compared to Agave. From the Manfreda side comes the potential for unique foliage spotting, unseen on Agave, as well as wavy and cascading foliage.


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