Lagerstroemia 'Dark Roast' PP32954

BARISTA® Collection

Common Name: Crapemyrtle

With a name like 'Dark Roast', you know you can expect notably dark foliage-this is one of the darkest leafed Lagerstroemia we offer. Leaves have red undertones, especially near the tips of the stems. In late summer to early fall, bright fuchsia pink flowers are produced over the fully rounded, compact habit.

Crapemyrtle have long been a popular flowering shrub in the south, and it's time that these beautiful flowering shrubs made a splash in the Northern market! The hybridizing team at Walters Gardens has worked hard toward selections that perform well in our West Michigan climate. All of the members of this collection bloom on new wood, so you can expect a great flowering performance year after year.

Note to southern growers: all measurements are based on plant performance in Michigan. In warmer zones without winter die back, mature height will be taller.

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