Heliopsis helianthoides 'Bit of Honey' PP35063 CPBRAF

Common Name: False Sunflower

'Bit of Honey' is the first variegated Heliopsis for Proven Winners® Perennials. Leaves appear white with deep green veining on a low, dense habit; perfect in the middle of the border or as a stand-alone plant. This variety blooms in midsummer, lasting into early fall. The flowers have above average size for a Heliopsis at 3-3½" wide and are fully semi-double with multiple rows of golden yellow petals surrounding gold cones.

Compared to 'Tuscan Sun' and Tuscan Gold™, this variety is more compact. Like other variegated Heliopsis, 'Bit of Honey' is hardy to zone 4.

Heliopsis have traditionally been an excellent tall perennial for the middle or back of the flower border. It has a bushy, well-branched form and glossy, deep green, triangular leaves - a real workhorse in the garden! Use this plant in combination containers, as a cut flower, or to attract butterflies to your garden.

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Grade #1 Bare Root