Dianthus 'Lip Gloss' PP35073


Dianthus 'Lip Gloss' Pinks

Common Name: Pinks

This series of Dianthus are single and ready to mingle with your landscape. Plants in this series have domed habits covered in multiple layers of large, single flowers. The domed, well-rounded habits contrast the typical flat, spreading habits of single varieties. Compared with double flowered Dianthus, SINGLE LADIES® varieties will be more compact. Excellent for filling in spaces along the front of a sunny border or in small containers.

Rich magenta pink flowers have well-defined white halos at the center of each flower. More compact than 'Red Rouge'.

In the carnation family, Dianthus cultivars deliver gorgeous single, semi-double, and fully double flowers. Singles tend to deliver more flowers while doubles are significantly larger, sometimes more than twice the size. Singles also tend to grow quicker and can appear like a carpet in the landscape at maturity.

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