Agave xylonacantha 'Frostbite'

Common Name: Agave, Century Plant

Be sure to wear thick gloves when handling this monster or you’ll get nipped! It is a rare and exciting selection with incredible variegation and prominent, hooked spines lining the scalloped leaves.

Rigid and thick lanceolate leaves are very long and narrow, measuring about 18” long by just 1” wide. The glaucous to dark green center is lined with a creamy yellow to crisp white margin that contrasts superbly with the dark orangey black marginal spines and sharp terminal spine. Leaf imprints can be found on both the front and back of the leaves.

This plant forms a low, broadly spreading, symmetrical, solitary rosette.  Simply incredible!

The common name "Century Plant" is alluding to the belief that it takes 100 years to bloom. In reality, Agaves bloom after 15-20 years, and the main crown dies after blooming.

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