14 Red Perennials

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    If you are looking to fill your garden with red plants, here is a list of 14 perennials to help get you started.

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    'Sassy Summer Sangria' Achillea

    (Yarrow) You'll love this collection of Yarrow due to each member's taller, more substantial presence than other Achillea on the market. Although they have a taller height, all members have sturdy flower stems that will look great throughout the season of its bloom. 'Sassy Summer Sangria' has dark red flowers with a white eye and is one of the tallest in the collection.

    Full Sun | Zones: 3-8 | Blooms Early to Midsummer

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    SIZZLE & SPICE® 'Hot Paprika' Coreopsis verticillata

    (Threadleaf Coreopsis) Heat up your summer garden with SIZZLE & SPICE® Coreopsis. Members of this collection have compact, rounded habits that are covered with flowers from early to late summer. 'Hot Paprika' has 1½” rich deep red flowers with bright green foliage.

    Full Sun | Zones: 5-9 | Blooms Early to Late Summer

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    FRUIT PUNCH® 'Cherry Vanilla' Dianthus

    (Pinks) Fully double, carnation-like flowers. 1½” wide, deep red flowers have a sharply contrasting, very light pink picotee edge. Flowers appear proportionately above the narrow, blue-green foliage.

    Full to Part Sun | Zones: 4-9 | Blooms in Early Summer

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    LAKOTA™ Fire Echinacea

    (Coneflower) This seed strain shows a variety of beautiful shades, varying from reddish-orange to pinkish-red. Each 3½” flower has horizontal petals. With a shorter stature, it is a great fit for the front of the border, small spaces, and combination containers. Blooms nearly all summer long.

    Full to Part Sun | Zones: 4-8 | Blooms Early Summer to Early Fall

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    WEDDING PARTY® 'True Love' Helleborus

    (Lenten Rose) 3-3½”, rich maroon-red flowers are fully double.

    Full Sun to Part Shade | Zones: 4-9 | Blooms Early to Mid Spring

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    RAINBOW RHYTHM® 'Ruby Spider' Hemerocallis

    (Daylily) A must-have for retailers; incredible impulse appeal. Gigantic 9”, ruby red flowers with a radiating golden yellow throat have long petals that open wide. Planted singly or in groups, this extraordinary daylily is sure to make a huge visual impact!

    Full to Part Sun | Zones: 3-9 | Full to Part Sun

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    DOLCE® 'Cherry Truffles' Heuchera

    (Coral Bells) An improvement on CINNAMON CURLS™ with similar shape and color, but adding increased vigor and size. New leaves are bright red, heavily ruffled, and form a low, mounding habit. In summer the color persists, maturing to a rich mahogany red. Dark burgundy stems hold light pink flowers on dark rose calyxes.

    Full Sun to Full Shade | Zones: 4-9 | Blooms Midsummer

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    SUMMERIFIC® 'Holy Grail' Hibiscus

    (Rose Mallow) Incredibly dark, near-black leaves are oval shaped and pack the habit for a very full appearance. 8-9” rich, deep red flowers. The red and black colors perfectly complement each other. Bright green calyxes starkly contrast the dark foliage.

    Full to Part Sun | Zones: 4-9 | Blooms Midsummer to Early Fall

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    'Red Baron' Imperata cylindrica

    (Japanese Blood Grass) Popular in the north where it spreads slowly by underground runners to form a thick patch of green leaves with striking blood red tips. Glows nearly all-red in fall; rarely flowers. Spreads more quickly in the south; care should be taken to control its spread there.

    Full Sun | Zones: 5-9

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    PYROMANIA™ 'Rocket's Red Glare' Kniphofia

    (Red Hot Poker) The spiky flowers and upright habits of this plant add a very unique drama to your landscape, with rebloom extending the color late into the season. Grass-like foliage provides textural contrast to bold-leaved perennials. These tropical looking plants are hardy to either zone 6 or 5b, if you provide winter protection. 'Rocket's Red Glare' has incredibly long flower spikes have vibrant warm red buds that open to creamy peach flowers. Very compact.

    Full Sun | Zones: 6-9 | Blooms Early to Late Summer

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    BARISTA® 'Cherry Mocha' Lagerstroemia

    (Crapemyrtle) A very refined shrub for the landscape. Woody, burgundy-colored stems bear semi-glossy burgundy foliage. Cherry red flowers open from shiny red buds, contrasting nicely with its dark foliage.

    Full Sun | Zones: 6-9 | Blooms Late Summer to Early Fall

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    'Pardon My Cerise' Monarda didyma

    (Bee Balm) These petite selections grow vigorously to form a bushy, compact clump of attractive, aromatic, deep green, glossy foliage. All members of this series are very mildew resistant.

    Full to Part Sun | Zones: 4-8 | Blooms Mid to Late Summer

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    PRAIRIE WINDS® 'Cheyenne Sky' Panicum virgatum

    (Red Switch Grass) Petite red Panicum; ideal for containers. Forms a tight, vase-shaped clump of blue-green foliage that turns wine-red in early summer. Purple flowers.

    Full Sun | Zones: 4-9 | Blooms in Late Summer

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    'Little Redhead' Spigelia marilandica

    (Indian Pink) A versatile perennial that grows naturally in sun and shade, this woodland perennial is native to the eastern United States. Vegetatively propagated to ensure uniformity. Dark red tubular flowers with yellow interiors are produced above an upright clump of dark green, wedge-shaped leaves. Spigelia require good drainage to thrive, avoid overly moist, wet areas.

    Full Sun to Part Shade | Zones: 5b-9 | Blooms Late Spring to Midsummer

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