What to Know About the New Website

Greetings and welcome to the new www.waltersgardens.com!  We are very excited to bring you our brand new website and all of its new and improved features.  With this transition there are a number of changes designed to improve service, functionality, and communication.  We encourage you to spend a few minutes clicking around to get used to the new layout and resources.

To help you through this time of transition, we put together a list of the top five things you absolutely need to know.

1. We Need You to Re-register!

If you had an account on the old waltersgardens.com you will find that your log in and password no longer work.  Due to advances in internet security and service standards we were unable to merge our existing online account base with our new website.

Registration takes only a few minutes on our new site.  Because we need to verify your account with us, it may take us a few days behind the scenes to get you activated.  But rest assured, we are doing everything we can to get you moved over ASAP!

A new feature of our website is your company can now register for multiple employee log ins.

2. Online Ordering works a little differently now...

With advances in technology, we have been able to significantly improve features of our online ordering.  We are hoping that these changes help you to submit your order faster and with more ease than before.  We recommend you check out our page on Online Ordering to brush up on some of the changes before diving in, or try out our Detailed Order Walkthrough.

3. Get Images Up Front

Click less and get more with our easy to find Image Database.

  • Located on the Resources main page or in the drop down of the navigation bar.
  • Please note that you will still need to be logged in to download high resolution images.

4. Track Your Orders in the User Portal

Get it all in one place now.  In addition to finding Availability, Price Lists, and Marketing Support, you can now review your Acknowledgements and Invoices at any time from the ease of the User Portal.

  • User Portal located in 'My Account', found on the upper right corner of the navigation bar.

5. Grower Information is Right at your Fingertips

Our Grower's Corner is designed to help you find more growing information.  Get genus specific information in our Culture Sheets, plan your year with our Timing Chart, browse Professional Advice & Articles from fellow growers, and check out our YouTube channel.