Yucca cernua 'Pole Vaulter' PPAF

Common Name: Nodding Yucca, Nodding Texas Soapwort

This is a selection of the relatively newly identified species Yucca cernua, native to East Texas. The name is in reference to its incredibly tall, ramrod straight flower spike that measures nearly 10' tall and produces nodding, cream flowers. Stiff, glaucous blue-green leaves form a rosette of foliage. We have successfully overwintered this variety for a number of years in our wet, snowy zone 6. This tolerates a wide range of moisture conditions. From Tony Avent of Plant Delights Nursery.

Succulent in nature, Yucca do well in low water and rock gardens, tolerating dry soils that many other perennials do not. Tall flower scapes appear at maturity like elaborate candelabras. Grow these plants in full sun so they might reach their full potential.

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