Veronica 'Enchanted Indigo' PP26603 CPBR5336

MAGIC SHOW® Collection

Common Name: Spike Speedwell

This picture perfect perennial forms a fairly short, compact, full clump of bright green, somewhat glossy foliage topped with enchanting royal purple flower wands in early to midsummer. The foliage and flowers are nicely balanced, with the flowers comprising about half of the plant’s total height.  Like magic, ‘Enchanted Indigo’ often sends out a new flush of foliage and flowers in late summer and early fall.

In our trials, we were impressed by the uniformity and consistency of habit on this new and improved Veronica. Try planting it in combination containers or near the front of the flower border paired with DAISY MAY® Leucanthemum and BRAZEN RAISIN™ Heuchera.

Click here to watch a video about Proven Winners® Veronicas.


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