Phlox 'Majestic Magenta' PP33006 CPBRAF


Common Name: Hybrid Spring Phlox

This is a new series of Phlox from Proven Winners® is perfect for launching your garden for spring! These serve as a spring groundcover that blooms around the same time as tulips and other bulbs.

Unlike Phlox subulata (creeping phlox) that can easily overtake your garden, the MOUNTAINSIDE™ Phlox are more refined spreaders and are more compressed to the ground. These also bloom 1-2 weeks ahead of Phlox subulata, depending on spring weather. The width are based on three year plants; the first few years in the ground, plants stay around 12-16" across.

'Majestic Magenta' has star-shaped, rich dark pink flowers. Flowers a week to a few days earlier than 'Crater Lake', depending on weather.

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