Ophiopogon planiscapus 'Niger'

Common Name: Black Mondo Grass

(Formerly known as O. nigrescens ‘Black Dragon’)

Looking much like a black Liriope, Black Mondo Grass is a compact, densely growing, clump forming, evergreen, grass-like plant.  When grown in full sun in the north, the foliage emerges purplish-green and then turns nearly jet black.  It has a softly arching habit.

From early through midsummer, short spikes of light purple to white flowers (much like those of Liriope) are produced, followed by purplish black berries in the fall. 

Black Mondo Grass adds dramatic flair to combination containers but can also be grown en masse as a low groundcover.  Use it as a foil for silver or gold foliage plants or combine with succulent temperennials in shallow troughs.

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