Mangave Art & Solections™ Mix

ART & SOL™ Collection

Mangave Art & Solections™ Mix Mangave

Common Name: Mangave

Mangave meet the needs of the modern gardener. These large succulent-esque hybrids retain the excellent heat and drought tolerance of their Agave background, while adding fast growing, tropical attributes from their Manfreda parentage. They can be grown solitary, in the landscape, or in mixed or mono decorative containers. Their tolerance of a wide variety of moisture conditions allows them to be mixed with succulents, annuals, and tropicals. Mangave are perennial in southern zones, with the option of being grown as an annual in northern zones or overwintered as a houseplant.

The ART & SOL™ Collection contains a mix of architectural forms and colors representative of the genus. With such a wide variety of forms and colors, there's something for everyone!

The Art & Solections™ Mix contains six varieties from the Art & Sol™ Collection. Each tray contains an even mix with twelve of all six varieties, totaling 72 plants. Individual variety labels will be sent for each Mangave cultivar, as opposed to a generic label for the mix.

The Art & Solections™ Mix includes:

Available Sizes (Wholesale):

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