Delosperma LAVENDER ICE ('Psfave')

Delosperma LAVENDER ICE Hardy Ice Plant

Common Name: Hardy Ice Plant

Like an ice cold drink on a hot day, LAVENDER ICE's cool lavender flowers with a pink eye glisten with a metallic shimmer in the sun.  The large sized blossoms which measure up to 2” across cover the evergreen, succulent foliage in a solid layer of shimmery color all summer long and even into fall in some climates.  It’s the perfect flower color for a plant that blooms through the hottest part of the year. 


LAVENDER ICE is very cold hardy to zone 4 and survives in high elevations.  Like all Delospermas, this one is also highly heat and drought tolerant, making it a good choice for waterwise landscapes.  It thrives in rock gardens, on slopes, in containers, and in the landscape.

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