Delosperma FIRE SPINNER® 'P001S'

Common Name: Hardy Ice Plant

News spread like wildfire when this breakthrough Delosperma received Colorado’s Plant Select® award in 2012. Its incredible tricolor flowers are unlike anything we’ve seen in a Delosperma. Nickel-sized blossoms are apricot to bright orange with a ring of hot pink to magenta color surrounding the white eye. They are produced prolifically, blanketing the foliage from late spring through early summer and then often reblooming sporadically throughout the summer months.

FIRE SPINNER® is a weed suppressing groundcover that typically spreads 18-24” wide in two years. Its succulent, apple green foliage is evergreen and takes on bronze tones in winter.

Like all Delospermas, this one is also highly heat and drought tolerant, making it a good choice for waterwise landscapes.  It thrives in rock gardens, on slopes, in containers, and in the landscape.

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