Colocasia 'Distant Memory' PP30292

Common Name: Elephant Ear

For many of the early years of Walters Gardens, Harriet Walters was the lifeblood of the family business. She's remembered fondly for her incredible cheerfulness, kindness, and optimism, but especially for her infectious laugh and sense of humor. Even through all her years after being diagnosed with Alzheimer's, Harriet still maintained her sunny personality and silliness, as well as a deep sense of care and concern for each member of her family, even as she lost her mental function and memories. Harriet passed away in 2008, and it is in her honor that we will donate $0.25 per plant sold to Alzheimer's research. The Elephant is a symbol for Alzheimer's Disease ("an elephant never forgets"), which is why we selected an Elephant Ear to be our cause plant.

This tropical plant forms huge, dark glossy mahogany leaves. Compared to 'Black Swan', this variety is shorter and has a fuller habit. While growing this plant, you'll appreciate its clumping nature, which translates to more vigorously filling out a pot and throwing up lots of new leaves.

When growing these plants in our greenhouse, they colored up nicely even under UV inhibitor plastic. This was a pleasant surprise since often purple foliage plants require direct UV exposure to bring out the darker pigment.

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