Asclepias tuberosa 'Blonde Bombshell' PPAF

Common Name: Butterfly Weed

Asclepias tuberosa is a classic native perennial that's popular because of its rugged habit, bright flowers, and the ability to attract pollinators. 'Blonde Bombshell' is a yellow flowering clone selected from a field of Asclepias tuberosa. This variety has an improved habit and uniform color from what you'd expect from variations in a seed strain. Incredibly dark foliage holds golden yellow flowers that radiate down the habit for an extremely long season of bloom. Plant this refined selection and get ready to see butterflies!

Gather bouquets of Asclepias all summer long; the long stems are wonderful for cutting and are long-lasting. Sear the ends of the cut stems over a flame to stop the milky sap from leaking out.

Following the fabulous flowers, green fruits develop which rupture to reveal seeds with long, silvery-white, silky hairs reminiscent of its cousin, common milkweed. These are great to use in dried flower arrangements.

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