Andropogon gerardii 'Blackhawks' PP27949

Common Name: Big Bluestem, Ornamental Grass

Big Bluestem are perfect for providing height and color to the garden, coming into prime a little earlier than other ornamental grasses. The foliage of 'Blackhawks' emerges deep green to dark purple in spring and deepens to near black by fall here in Michigan. This grass matures a little more than a foot shorter than 'Indian Warrior'. One of the very best Big Bluestem from hybridizer Brent Horvath.

Dubbed the "monarch of the prairie", this native grass was once the dominant component of the American tallgrass prairie. It adapts easily to a wide range of soil and moisture conditions as long as full sun is provided. This long-lived grass has a variety of uses including screening, naturalizing, restoring prairies, and nesting materials for birds and mammals.

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