Agave schidigera Queen of White Thread ('Shira ito no Ohi')

Common Name: Agave, Century Plant

This striking specimen slowly forms a solitary rosette of narrow, lance-shaped leaves lined with distinctive curly white filifers (threads). 

The dark green leaves have sharply contrasting creamy yellow to white margins and end in a sharp, reddish cinnamon spine.  Scaly leaf imprints are seen mostly on the backs of the leaves which form a rigidly upright rosette. 

When the plant matures after many years, a 10’ spike carrying red-purple buds and greenish flowers rises high above the rosette. After flowering, the plant dies.

This plant was formerly known as A. filifera ‘Compacta Marginata’.


The common name "Century Plant" is alluding to the belief that it takes 100 years to bloom. In reality, Agaves bloom after 15-20 years, and the main crown dies after blooming.

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