Step 3: Find Your Style

How to Design & Grow Your own Garden

Before you begin to build your garden, you'll need to determine what kind of garden style you'd like to create.  The garden style you choose can showcase your personality, but it is also heavily influenced by your natural surroundings.  Gardening in a heavily wooded area?   Work with what you're given and create a serene woodland garden.  Prefer a more formal look?  You'll need to start by defining structure in your garden. 

There are nearly as many garden styles as there are personality types, so there's sure to be one that suits you.  Scroll through the index of garden styles to discover your own style.

Asian Style Gardens 

Container and Patio Gardens 

Cottage Gardens 

Eclectic Gardens 

Formal Gardens 

Modern Gardens 

Prairie Style Gardens 

Rain Gardens 

Rock Gardens 

Water Gardens 

Woodland and Shades Gardens 

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