2018 Early Summer Stock Up

Save up to 10% on 72ct plugs!


It's time to stock up and save now on 72ct plugs for early summer shipping!  Save on all varieties of our 72ct perennials when you order by March 7, 2018.

Save 5% on orders of $2,500-$4,999
Save 10% on orders of $5,000 or more

*Discount applies to plant cost only.

Important Dates!

  • Order must be placed by March 7, 2018 to qualify for the discount.
  • Product ships in Early Summer 2018 from May 14 through June 25, 2018.

Early Summer Stock Up Order Form

At a time when we're all looking to save on our input costs, we are offering you a savings of up to 10% when you order now for Early Summer 2018 shipping.  You'll save on hundreds of freshly grown 72ct perennials.

Early summer is the perfect time of year to fill your empty greenhouses with product to sell for the upcoming fall and spring seasons.  Allowing extra growing time to get plants rooted in before winter will result in fewer losses and stronger plants the following spring.  Some items may even be used for quick turns.

The Early Summer Stock Up program contains a large variety of 72ct plugs and select other sizes that are recommended for early summer planting.  Please see the order form for specific varieties and sizes available in this promotion.

New Perennials for 18-19 Available in Early Summer Stock Up

Epimedium 'Amber Queen' PP17197 

Epimedium w. 'Sandy Claws' 

Epimedium ssp. n. 'Spine Tingler' 

Kniphofia PYROMANIA™ 'Flashpoint' PPAF CPBRAF 

Kniphofia PYROMANIA™ 'Hot and Cold' PPAF CPBRAF 

Kniphofia PYROMANIA™ 'Orange Blaze' PPAF CPBRAF 

Kniphofia PYROMANIA™ 'Solar Flare' PPAF CPBRAF 

Kniphofia 'High Roller' PPAF 

Kniphofia 'Jackpot' PPAF 

Kniphofia 'Lucky Lemons' PPAF 

Kniphofia 'Poker Face' PPAF 

Lagerstroemia BARISTA® 'Brew Ha Ha' PPAF 

Lagerstroemia BARISTA® 'Chai Berry' PPAF 

Lagerstroemia BARISTA® 'Dark Roast' PPAF 

Lagerstroemia BARISTA® 'Lava Java' PPAF 

Salvia n. 'Perfect Profusion' PPAF CPBRAF 

Salvia n. 'Pink Profusion' PPAF CPBRAF 

Salvia n. 'Violet Profusion' PPAF CPBRAF 

Mangave 'Crazy Cowlick' PPAF 

Mangave 'Freckles and Speckles' PPAF 

Mangave 'Mayan Queen' PPAF