Frequently Asked Marketing Questions

How can I access the marketing tools on your website?

Most of our marketing tools are available only to qualified customers possessing a log in to our website.  Customers can find the link for marketing support in the User Portal of their account.

Don't have a log in?  Request one here

What Marketing Support does your company offer?

To view a complete breakdown of our free online services, follow the link here

Where can I download high resolution images?

High resolution images can be found on our website in two places

  1. Our Online Image Database
  2. In the Download Images tab on each plant record

Please note that you will need to be logged in to download high resolution images!  Some low res images are available without log in.

Why is the Proven Winners Branded Container required?

  • Today’s consumer is more brand-conscious and is looking for a name they can trust.
  • Proven Winners® has a strong track record of producing plants that perform well and gardeners are looking for plants they will be successful with.
  • We believe the best way to clearly indicate to consumers which plants are Proven Winners® Perennials is to market them in a distinctive container.  Plants in white branded containers are proven to outsell plants in black pots in a side-by-side display.
  • No one in the industry promotes the value of plants to consumers and home gardeners like Proven Winners®.  As a result, Proven Winners® is the best-selling and most widely recognized plant brand.
  • Although the branded container requirement may not work for every customer, we believe it will benefit the majority of our customers.   If it does not benefit Walters Gardens’ customers, it will not benefit Walters Gardens.
  • Each year we will add more unique, improved, exclusive plants into the Proven Winners® Perennial program that can be sold at higher profit margins.
  • Customers have the benefit of free cultural support and tools to help market Proven Winners® Perennials to the home gardener.
  • The program is user-friendly.   Walters Gardens will strive to make the Proven Winners® Perennial branded container requirement a seamless, customer-friendly process and we will have several container sizes in stock.
  • In summary, we believe the added value and strength of the Proven Winners® brand, best recognized in the distinctive branded container, will prove to be profitable for our customers.